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Monument to the Admiral

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Axel Martin Fredrik Munthe (Swed. Axel Martin Fredrik Munthe, October 31, 1857, Oskarshamn - February 11, 1949, Stockholm) was a Swedish physician and writer. Physician to the Princess and then Queen Victoria of Baden. He is best known for his autobiographical book The Legend of San Michele.

Munte's ancestors moved to Sweden from Flanders in the 16th century. Having received his medical education in Uppsala and Montpellier, Axel Munte defended his dissertation on the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage in 1880 (Jean-Martin Charcot was one of the members of the attestation commission) and practiced in France as a gynecologist. For the sake of earnings, he turned to psychiatry, was the attending physician of many noble persons. In 1884, he went to Naples to help eliminate the cholera epidemic, writing a book about this, Letters from a Sorrowful City. The first time he was married to the daughter of a Swedish professor, but the marriage broke up due to Munte's long relationship with one of his patients. After a divorce in 1888, Axel settled in Italy, in 1890-1901 he was a fashionable doctor in the British community in Rome, which made Munte a wealthy man. In the same years, he built himself a villa in San Michele (English) Russian. on Capri, which has become one of the cultural centers of Europe, visited by crowned persons and artists. Since 1903, he was an ordinary life physician of the Swedish royal family, having become a friend of the future King Gustav V, then he was officially appointed First Life Physician, lodging during his stay in Sweden in royal residences. Since 1907 he was married to a British aristocrat, had two sons from her. In 1914-1916 he served as a volunteer on the Western Front (from the French Red Cross), applied for naturalization in Britain, but did not receive citizenship. Since 1926, he was constantly with the royal person (until the death of Victoria of Baden in 1930), spent the last years of his life, almost blind, in the royal palace in Stockholm. After his death, he was cremated, the cenotaph was installed in Rome at the Testaccio cemetery.
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