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Moonpatch: The Guidance Hero

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avatar KawaiiLogan
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
A map inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

  Moonpatch is a hero who sets sail on a journey to help 4 chosen heroes complete their quest to stop a cosmic force from destroying the universe. Sadly the four heroes have been stopped before she even starts her journey.

Inspired by Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Breath of The Wild, and Four Swords Adventures.

  With the island setting of Wind Waker, the dynamic world and sense of subtext of Ocarina of Time, the avenge plot of Breath of The Wild, and the deep puzzles of Four Swords Adventures, this map takes a few of the things I love from some of my other favorite games and puts them together.

The Ocean Setting:
  Why the Ocean setting when BOTW has done a much better job at creating a full blown open world? Because of nostalgia. And while Wind Waker's setting choice was good for memory space I think through the medium of Minecraft I can make a hopefully satisfactory map with with enough detail and things to do between islands that will make you forget of the worry of playing a sailing simulator. Including the fact that later in the game you will have the ability to glide between islands very swiftly. Wind waker has an Island aesthetic. I hope to capture a little bit of that.

The Basics:
  7 Dungeons and an undetermined amount of mini-dungeons. In each dungeon you will find an item of great use in your quest. Some items are more standard like a sword and some armor, and others have unique mechanics built specifically for this map. Like an item that lets you jump around like a rabbit. Over 20 islands all with at least one side/main quest tied in. Unique NPCs, items, enemies, and even bosses will give you a fun and challenging experience. 100% the map and get all collectibles and complete the entire map room or sail from main island to main island doing only what you need to to save the universe.

  As mentioned you will come across 7 main dungeons (one of which is optional but highly recommended as you will be able to greatly shorten the amount of time going from island to island). Dungeons feature unique items and enemies along with puzzles and challenges. As the game progresses so does the complexity and detail of each dungeon and its island. Each dungeon culminates in a final boss.

The First Goddess Dungeon: The Earth Goddess's Grove
  Serving as the tutorial dungeon for the whole game and also the smallest dungeon of the main 7. Earthy, natural, and crawling with bugs. The final boss is a Golem created by the Earth Goddess to test your bravery.

The First Champion Dungeon: The Rabbit Hole
  A whimsical and mad cavern with wonderland elements. Also earthy and filled with trinkets and things (but I suppose it was dug by thieving rabbits). The final boss is a monstrously large killer rabbit.

The Second Champion Dungeon: The Hive
  This dungeon has been overrun and settled in by honey bees. Go through and across two mountains full of honey, stingers and wax. The boss lying in wait? Undetermined as of right now.

The Third Champion Dungeon: The Turtle Cenote
  An aquatic dive into a dungeon filled with sea-life and marine challenges. Be careful of jagged rocks and water systems set by ancient tribes of divers. The final boss? Currently in development with a possible complete shift in direction so as of now undetermined.

The Fourth Champion Dungeon: The Valley of Wolves
  An other worldly place where there is no ocean and wolves howl at the black and starless sky. Find you way through the forest of ruins and you may end up at this dungeons final beast. Currently undeveloped.

The Second Goddess Dungeon: The Ocean Goddess's Ice Hollow
  Once a grove filled with waterfalls and crystal clear lakes, this dungeon has been cursed and has frozen over. Defeat the evil inside and save the Ocean Goddess from her Water Golem, turned frozen, turned evil, and you can gain a priceless skill essential for traveling the map.

The Final Dungeon:
  This dungeon is currently being held back for further development until after I complete the other six and determine what kind of dungeon is needed. It will be as harsh and unforgiving as the final boss of the map, whom you will meet here. The landscape of where this dungeon will lie was once a large lake surrounded by a ring of rocky shore separating it from the ocean and evolving the most unique and beautiful sea-life of the entire ocean. In the center of the lake a giant dormant volcano. When the cosmic force came down to Moonpatch's sea to steal the champions lives he slammed down on a meteor. Landing at the brim of this volcano it awakened and filled the lake below with lava. Making him nearly impossible to get to.

Start your journey in a patch of moonlight as you watch space collide with Earth.

-A map room that can be accessed at any time by throwing and picking up a specific item in your inventory.
-Hidden maps
-Breakable grass and pots with loot inside
-Makes use of newly added crawling, crouching, and bees.
-Items that give you extra abilities like jumping higher that are usable anywhere in the map
-NPCs that move and have custom player heads.

Similarly to Wind Waker and Breath of The Wild there are enemy outposts between points of interest. Along with underwater exploration and sunken treasure. On each island and between every set of islands you will find something to do.

Currently Complete:
-All of the landscape within the 4096x4096 world border including 21 unique islands.
-1 Town out of possible 4 or so plus settlements on many islands.
-2 dungeons 100% complete along with bosses for each, tested by me. The Hive currently being built.
-A few between island things like rafts, towers, treasures, and enemy hideouts but i want so so very many structure in the ocean.
-A map room that functions as a status screen that shows collectibles and such. Teleports you back to where you were exactly.

  There are lots of choices for how to do bosses in a map. I could just use mobs stacked on top of each other or zombies with armor and custom head or whatever but I feel those options make better enemies and mini-bosses. To keep the humongous nature of actual video game bosses like the Ender Dragon or Molgera I am gonna have my bosses be big structures to look like a foe. They spawn enemies, summon lightning and you must destroy them to complete the dungeon. The first two are pictured and pretty basic but IMO the actual gameplay of them is quite fun and exciting. I actually found some proper boss music in minecraft. Just play the music disc 'Ward' but twice as fast and it's a bumping battle track. No joke it's insane. In the future if i can i might try to add animations to the bosses structures and particles and stuff. Dodging enemies and running around the arena to defeat the bosses were fun to me. So I'm proud of the actual fights.

Multiple Paths:
  In the second dungeon i made sure to have some keys you could use on multiple doors. Secret areas. And in the tutorial dungeon I put areas you can only get to later once you get an item. I wanna continue trends like these and I'm unsure if I can have sequence breaking of the 4 champion dungeons be a thing. It might get too complex. But I'm not gonna put in roadblock if you wanna sequence break. Go ahead and skip the first Goddess island and go to the valley of the wolves without a sword. See how you do. Lol.

A few of the images will show previous and under-developed versions of the map. Mostly to show off scenery. Imagine cool builds in the empty space as it's just for reference to give you an idea. Also do people prefer shaders on or off for pics? I might have to wait for the snapshot to be released as an update so optifine can update to use shaders since I've started building with bee stuff now. To take more screenshots. All 21 islands landscapes are complete but I just showed a few. I also included a drawing. I made it and can prove it. It's of the main character of this map.

So yeah, please comment if you like what I've shown so far! Or if not, tell me what you think.
Progress20% complete

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11/11/2019 9:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello, @KawaiiLogan and after procrastinating and staring at your map for the past 2 days i wanted too speak to you about having you as a constructionist or builder for my soon too be MCPC Edition Server i'v done pocket edition for years now and i'v decided too move onto the PC world and i'm looking for someone like you too help build Lobbys, Maps, Ecx. I am taking this very seriously and if you are any of the slightest interested in working for me contact me at 754-234-5260 or brendon2997@outlook.com i'm always online 24/7 and will see any message that comes upon me. Soon enough when i actually start getting paid more i can even pay you too help build for me i'm just looking for a great team too start with for now. Keep doing the great work!

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