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Level 22 : Expert Artist
This is my mansion on my server, hopefully I can do a time lapse!

I was inspired by a friend of mine named Knuckles527!

But here's where I am going to tell you some neat things about it!

- This is all being built by hand

- Over 100,000 blocks placed (Estimated)

- Includes a Garden, 3 Library's, 5 Waterfall's, and much more soon!

- Has 10 guest in the house (At the moment)

- May become a hotel soon!

I did some remodeling and I still am, it has turned into a small maze with all twist, turns, ups, and downs! MUAHAHA!

The server this build is on, is, my rank: Owner! To get tours, just join tell us what you think of it, and play on the server! I hope you give me that diamond in your inventory! ;) Ixisppng
Progress: 80% Complete

Update #3 : 08/15/2013 10:33:53 pm8/15/13

Hey guys just updating my thing...
So i'm thinking about naming the mansion....
So start a poll below thinking of what I should name it! Best name and highly liked name shall win! :D

Give me that diamond in your inventory! ;3


Update #2 : 08/12/2013 3:30:48 pm8/12/13

Second update log,

So i'm working more on the mansion and giving it more shape, everything should look nicer and photos will be up soon! :D Sorry it took long to update! Comment below if you LOVE IT! ;D Give me that diamond in your inventory! ;3


Update #1 : 08/08/2013 4:56:30 pm8/08/13

This is the first update log,

So I had worked on my mansion, and upgraded it. I had upgraded the photos and there is one where my friend Pikminlover1234 had photo bombed me, if you want the other photos then comment below! Thanks for reading, Bai!

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Great job! I would live in it.
  • Malynn
  • Level 22
  • Expert Artist
  • August 8, 2013, 1:23 pm
Yes sir, but this is on my server, you will get my city also, but i'm not saying the city is bad! XD
Looks sweet! Are you going to put up a world download eventually?

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