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moskrultsk city (great imperial union capital)

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avatar Theozov_Purishkevi
Level 1 : New Miner
is a fictitious city whose history will be told here is the capital of the great union of fictitious empires.
this city founded in 100 BC was the capital of the great imperial union during the years 1795-1917, this because of its richness and important places, during this period were created places where important discussions were taken by the emperors and their ministers, but then there were many revolutionaries from other countries, and they were only defeated in 1926 and for the time being the palaces were reinforced, Minister Theozove Purishkevich (me in that story) had to make strong decisions, such as arresting the revolutionary leader name can not be counted) for 5 years and in an attempt to revolution in 1914 many shots of imperial soldiers were taken and captured many revolutionaries and found that some of the weapons used by the revolutionaries were sold at a lower price by a better known enemy government like the Maresian government.
CreditGustavo Cohen
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