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Movecraft Air Battleship - MN Foudroyant || Second rate Ship-of-the-Line (Soleil Royal refit)

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Author's Note:

This is a Generation 1.3.something Battleship for the Movecraft Plugin. It is a refit of the Soleil Royal, the first movecraft warship I have ever completed. It features more guns, with better arc control and range, along with updated aestethics, armor and interior.

If you like this ship, feel free to give a diamond. Feel free to refit it or use it in any way you like, but be sure to credit me first; a simple name mention will do.


As new shipbuilding technologies arose during the period of transition between Ships-of-the-Line and turreted warships, the French Navy, having suffered many setbacks due to the presence of Naval Aviation and superior technologies, endeavored to modernize their fleet with new technologies and build new warships matching the standards of the time. In the early phases of this Fleet Modernization Program, the Marine Nationale's admiralty considered the idea of simply refitting their old warship designs with more up-to-date weaponnery and the likes, allowing the french fleet to stay up to date through cheap and rapid repairs that would allow it to retaliate swiftly before newer ship designs would arise. Aside from saving time and money, this would also have the effect of allowing the Marine Nationale to further develop new technologies and study them, to better master their use in later designs.

The first ships to be considered for modernization were the aging Soleil Royal-class Battleships, victims of the rise of Naval Aviation. At the time, the French navy had three ships of the class available; the decomissioned Grace de Dieu and the incomplete hull of the battleship Foudroyant which had stopped construction after the obsolete nature of the design had been revealed to France. The latter was selected to be the first model to recieve refits; the first step was refitting the guns themselves. With a much superior propellant load, a more advanced timing mechanism and compact frame, the new cannon models, although possessing the same firepower as it's primitive predecessor, was much more efficient, with far greater range. Another welcome addition to the gunnery systems was controllable arc features, allowing the gunners to determine the elevation of the shots the cannons would fire, allowing the ship to gain far greater accuracy than the previous model which required perfect positionning to be used properly. These cannons served as the main armament of french Ships-of-the-Line onwards, and were used on this model alongside lighter upgraded aft-chasers.
A striking difference with the original Soleil Royal-class ships was the addition of a second gun deck above the main one; as french engineers had gotten more experienced with opening holes into the enveloppe of their ships, they decided to attempt putting additional cannons within the upper section of the hull, in the curved areas, where it was previously deemed impossible as it would break the ship's structural integrity. These flaws and beliefs were shattered when the ship's Air and Combat trials showed the additional gun battery worked perfectly with the lower one, and hindered the stability of the vessel in no way whatsoever thanks to the robust hull. This great improvement increased the ship's armament from sixteen guns to thirty-two.

Learning from the lessons that had been learned the hard way with the loss of old generation battleships, the french also gave the ship a light anti-aircraft battery, located bellow 1st gun deck and controlled from a room separated from the bridge in the innards of the vessel. However, while it offered some much needed protection against aircraft, it was limited in it's quantity and had a slow activation signal, despite a decent firing rate. Engineers, dealing with shortages in space, could sadly not afford a more generous anti-aircraft battery and so the one that was fitted was described as "hopefully sufficient".

Another flaw of the ship was it's armor, or rather lack of one. Due to inexperience with building internal armor schemes, the french had not put any armor beyond the external belt itself, which proved to be a weakness as more armored ships were beginning to appear. Foudroyant-class ships were described as an early version of the Battlecruiser concept, with an armor incapable of sustaining fire from artillery of it's own calliber, but good enough to fight anything smaller. Despite the lack of armor, the ship's sheer durability was described as awe-inspiring however, due to substantial amounts of lift.

In total, twelve ships following the Foudroyant-class design were completed and served against british naval forces, where they showed both their strengths and weaknesses in combat, being the bane of 3rd rate Ships-of-the-Line and lower, but quite struggling against 2nd and 1st rate warships. Originally designated a 1st Rate, like the Soleil Royal was, it was then relegated to 2nd rate with the appearance of the three-decker colossuses of the Bretagne-class.

Technical Specifications:

Size: 20k+ Blocks

Length: 103 Blocks (103 meters)
Width: 27 Blocks (27 meters)
Height: 16 Blocks (16 Meters)

Armor: Classic Slab/Stair outer belt
Armament: x30 Broadside Cannons (2x Projectiles, 9x Propellant, Adjustable Arc) (15 Port, 15 Starboard)
x2 Lightweight Cannons (1x Projectile, 5x Propellant, Adjustable Arc) (Aft Mounted)
x26 AA Guns (8 Port, 8 Starboard, 8 Front, 2 Aft)
Aircraft Carried: 5x Death Dart Mk2
CreditMystSpaTimeTrav for the guns
Progress100% complete

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