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MTR Hong Kong, Shenzhen Metro: Line 4 EMU

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I am making this train because it is operated by MTR.

Line 4 (Longhua)
 of the Shenzhen Metro runs northward from Futian Checkpointto Qinghu. The line serves Futian District and the eastern part of Bao'an District (in particular, Longhua Subdistrict) of Shenzhen.

The line originally used 4-car trains, making it extremely crowded although it still carried over 250,000 people daily peaking at 516,100 on 5 May 2014.Stations feature electronic passenger information systems which display estimated train arrival times.

When the second phase of the line opened in 2011, there were only 8 trains which were completely unable to meet passenger demand. By 2012, 24 trains were in service. On 26 January 2014, the first 6-car train entered service, and as of 30 January 2015 all trains are 6 cars; 2 months earlier than planned.

The line is coloured red, although it was originally marked in blue until 1 July 2010.

Line 4's operation and management was handed over to MTR Corporation (Shenzhen), a subsidiary of MTR Corporation on 1 July 2010 (for 30 years, until 2040) under a BOT basis. Upon MTR's takeover, elements of the existing stations were modified to match MTR Hong Kong's styles, such as changing of lighting, station maps and signs, posters and the introduction of station art similar to those found on MTR's Hong Kong stations. English station names were also modified (i.e. 'Futiankouan' changed to 'Futian Checkpoint') for easier Western recognition, and staff uniform and help desks were also changed to match the styles seen in Hong Kong's MTR.


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Coming up next: Singapore MRT(Right 1), Taiwan High Speed Rail (Left 1)
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03/26/2016 12:24 pm
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12/19/2015 12:38 pm
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Every single one of your uploads are just brilliant! But you need to spend +5 minutes in Chunky because the renders just don't live up to the build quality! :D
12/19/2015 2:06 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Engineer
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I already did it overnight :P
12/13/2015 7:00 pm
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12/11/2015 9:00 pm
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I remember going on that line a few months back, they had these really fancy video ads that are on the tunnel wall, and play when the train is moving.
12/10/2015 5:26 pm
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Lol you need to render it all the way
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