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MultiGame Center - Vacation Edition - minigame map 1.14.4

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MultiGame Center - Vacation Edition

In this edition, you're able to explore the darkest corners of MultiGame Center map.
Do you want to know how all these minigames function? Reach xp level 100 and buy for yourself the Anti-Cheat deactivation, to explore this map even more!

This minecraft map is including 8 different minigames:

- Parkour
Jump block by block until you reach the final end! And thats it! You'll get some reward there.

- Cube Survival
Try to survive in a small survival slot. Small amount of resources, small amount of everything. However, big amount of fun!

- Creative
Wanna build something in creative mode? Thats minigame is ready for you!

- Defend the Villager
Minigame developed by myself. Defend your villager against evil zombies. Gear up if you need it and destroy the Evil Pumpkin!

- Quick Spleef (Multiplayer)
Spleef like you know but it's Quick! The match has now a timer! So quickly push as many of your enemies as you can, down of the snow platform!

- Sky Block: Dimensions
Survival in the sky! Can it be even better? Now with more islands and new dimension: Nether!

- PvP (Multiplayer)
Fight your enemies and be the champion of every PvP arena!

- Escape Room
Complete puzzles and find you way to freedom!


There will be more minigames, but I haven't decided what kind of minigames.

If you have any ideas, write them in comments!

Vote for minigames or write your own idea! ---> www.movinblocks.webnode.sk/minigame-chooser


Map version: Java Edition: 1.14.4

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