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Mumbo Jumbo Hermitcraft S6E5 Inspired Base Idea

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I am going to tweet this to Mumbo Jumbo, so hopefully, he'll see this!

This popped into my brain while seeing Mumbo's base plans for Season 6, can I had to build it!

If Mumbo is reading this, first of all, hi and I hope you're having a wonderful day
I chose "magenta" because it looks mostly purple and purple is my favorite color
If I were to re-build this I would make the tower a little taller and make the height differences between each part bigger
The key to this is to only have ONE tower, the rest are like how you were originally planing them
Another thing you could do is make one side go all the way up and curve in like you were talking about with the globe idea, but instead only one side so even this very symmetrical build isn't too symmetrical
The loop was inspired by Hermit Flies from Season 5, but could also be used as your nether portal instead.

I built this, but I give you permission and would be honored if you copied or were inspired by this build in Hermitcraft Season 6

If it doesn't spawn you by the build the coordinates are x = 381 z = -430
CreditMumbo Jumbo
Progress100% complete

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