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My Castle V3 (Read Description for new features)

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avatar Dark_Flame111
Level 43 : Master Pyro
My Castle V3.

-Removed lava lake
-Added a brick defense wall around the castle
-Inside towers have ladders instead of stairs starting from the 2nd floor
-Inside towers connect to the defense walls
-Removed dispenser cannons in every room in the castle
-Removed Prison Rooms (To reduce blocks)
-Changed Farming Room to Brewing and Enchanting room
*Contains potion ingredients
*Contains Cauldrons
*Contains Brewing Stands
*Contains 3 Enchantment Tables
-Changed Iron and Gold Room to Weaponry Room
*Contains Swords, Armor, and Fire Swords (Enchanted Diamond Swords)
-Portals in Portal Room now have to be lit by Flint and Steel
*Portal Room contains Flint and Steel
-Added a mini lavafall in Portal Room fora special effect
-Added new music disks in Your Room
-Your Room contains small chest of diamonds
-Added 2 mini waterfalls in Your Room for decoration
-Removed middle tower (Planning to make it a monster fighting area)
-The 2nd Floor has a better table
Progress100% complete
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