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My Little Pony; Minecraft is Adventure Map

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MLP; Minecraft is Adventure

Like some people, I'm into MLP(or My Little Pony), and I've seen many Fan made Games, Maps, and Stories. That gave me this idea of where you as a Minecraftian, is teleported to the Magical Pony Land of Equestria, but with only one problem, You are now one of the tiniest species in Equestria, and you must find a way to grow once more, or return home.... alive.

Map Progress

So far since I'm the only maker of this, I have many details and all of Ponyville to make at a large scale, I plan to make this as if it were a video game, with a main quest and side quests, to that making, My plan is to make the places in Equestria where you will be taken, from the throne of Canterlot, to the Train Transportation, to Ponyville, and possibly Cloudsdale if I ever get to that. I plan to release this when I've gotten to at least 30 minutes of gameplay to beat and 10 minutes of side quests.

As of now, all I'll be releasing are teaser Pictures, possibly a video or trailer if my computer can support something like that.

I can be contacted for Ideas, Quests, possibly to help me with this at:



Also Note, MLP;FIM isn't owned by me nor do I work in creation of it, this is for the fun of the fans made by a fan(s), Copyright of MLP is owned by Hasbro.
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11/26/2016 12:10 am
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