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My City [1.16.5]

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AT Team avatar AT Team
Level 20 : Expert Warrior
This is a recreation of real school and now of real (check "Important" paragraph) city in Minecraft. I decided to create this project in early spring 2019, but then I was required to freeze development (cause we were getting ready to 8th March). The project was forgotten and accidentally removed. And project has been restarted 3 months later.

March 2019 - Development started. (Alpha 0.x.x)
30 June 2019 - The project restarted. (Beta 1.1.x - 1.4.2)
29 January 2020 - Mod-Free. (v.1.5.x)
7 February 2020 - The map has been moved from MC 1.7.10 to 1.14.4. (v.1.5.3 - v.1.6.2)
30 December 2020 - The map has been moved from MC 1.14.4 to 1.16.4 (v.1.6.2 - v.1.6.4)

Recommended using with Optifine Mod.
Map Version: 1.6.7

I'm working on the map alone, so it takes much longer to make an update.
Also this gives me a huge boost for my imagination, but bigger part is still rebuilt from actual buildings.

Recommended Settings:
  • Brightness: The less = more realistic
  • Smooth Lightning: Max
  • Smooth Lightning Level: 100%
  • Dynamic Lights 
Progress20% complete

25 Update Logs

Update #25 : by AT Team 12/08/2021 2:31:08 amDec 8th, 2021

- Added Chief's Cabinet at the School Kitchen;
- Added Iron Door to the School Kitchen;
- Now you can control School Lights from Power Box;
- Added some kind of whiteboard to the IT Room (schools 2nd floor) and central tables 'n' chairs;
- Added Theater Central Lights; (WIP)
- Added Trapdoor on top of the Blue Shop;

- Fixed Flowery and Hairdressers lights;
- Fixed Jewellry and Book Store Iron Doors;
- A bit redesigned shelter entrace (made it a bit destructed);
- Shelters now have wireless connections. (As I discovered, very long redstone wires don't work correctly on server.)

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01/25/2021 8:55 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
biscuit_ avatar
Woah :o
01/12/2021 5:49 am
Level 33 : Artisan Sus
Robik The Hacker Man
Robik The Hacker Man avatar
This is really nice! keep making more updates!
01/30/2020 8:52 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
uriaYT avatar
seems nice not gonna lie
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