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My Singleplayer World (2022)

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Level 25 : Expert Pokemon

Some structures in this world have not been designed or constructed by me. I kindly thank the creator(s) for giving me permission to use these structures in my world!

10 year anniversary special

Welcome to My Singleplayer World. This is my very first survival world that I started back in December 2011. This is the result of my work ten years later which I would like to share with you all. After much effort and failure in survival mode I decided to change things up by going all out creative. I started to expand the world by adding a few structures such as the great pyramids, the armory and the boat yard.

I later turned to MCedit for implementing colossal structures such as The Statue of Liberty and The Vitruvian Castle. I then experimented with World Edit adding even more structures into the world and changing parts of the landscape. It gives me great happiness to see my world expand in such a way. I hope to add even more to it in the future.

Massive thank you to the creators!!

Asian style house designed and made by Tuuvas

Asian style pagoda designed and made by Cortezerino

Vitruvian Castle designed and made by RezolutnyDarek

Statue of Liberty designed and made by postypost13

Horse stable designed and made by Magma

War Brig ships designed and made by Sillouete

Cargo ship designed and made by ThorHammerhand

Hot air balloon designed and made by Trydar

Airship designed and made by G0d_0f_M1necraft
Medieval windmill designed and made by G0d_0f_M1necraft

Barn designed and made by TheMythicalSausage
Asian tower designed and made by TheMythicalSausage

Fishing hut designed and made by TheMythicalSausage
Tree house made and designed by TheMythicalSausage
Flower shop designed and made TheMythicalSausage
Medieval wagon designed and made by TheMythicalSausage
Medieval beacon tower designed and made by TheMythicalSausage

Old Macdonald's Farmhouse designed by Cryptozoology

Warehouses designed and made by Lord Dakr

Bakery designed and made by ItsMarloe

Potion shop designed and made by Fresh Joy

Creepers café designed and made by GGMc

Items added since 2021 project

+ Added Old Macdonald's farmhouse
+ Added tractor
+ Added pillager outpost
+ Added warehouses
+ Added large harbour crane
+ Added bakery
+ Added potion shop
+ Added flower shop
+ Added creepers cafe
+ Added medieval beacon tower
+ Added multiple market stalls
+ Added water towers
+ Added medieval wagon
+ Added multiple cars
+ Added shipwrecks
+ Added underwater ruins
+ Added 10 year anniversary

Items upgraded since 2021 project

* Upgraded and changed parts of the landscape

* Upgraded and changed parts of the farm
* Upgraded and changed Statue of Liberty exterior
* Upgraded and changed underground mine cart system
* Upgraded modern house interiors
* Upgraded and re-added jungle temple to underwater ruin

Items removed since 2021 project

- Removed melons/pumpkins
- Removed small market stalls

I hope you enjoy my world and remember to leave a diamond and a comment

Thank you

Progress90% complete

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12/24/2021 4:02 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Network
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12/13/2021 4:22 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
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for which version is this world?
12/13/2021 4:23 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
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The latest version. 1.18.1
Planet Minecraft


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