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My Vanilla Survival Conquest World

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avatar maximun6
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
I got inspired to make a Survival world where i need a building for every thing, let me explain. to be able to use the anvil, make iron/gold/diamond armor and weapons i needed to make a blacksmith. To use horses i needed to make a stable and not a 2x2x2 hole in the ground. As you can see the world is not very complete, but its a start

pic 1: Is a screenshot from where i plan the townsquare to be

pic 2: is the bakery, still in construction and the blacksmith to its right

pic 3: Is from the outside of the blacksmith looking in under the roof. here on hot days he could be more outside and get more fresh and cold air.
pic 4: This is the inside of the blacksmith where the can do busniess with customers, and strike the iron if its to could outside. the forge is an two side open design so    1 or 2 smiths could use it at the same time, one inside and one outside
pic 5: Is the things the blacksmith has on display to show what he has made and what he sells.
pic 6: Storage-house/warehouse

pic 7: Same but from a different angle.
pic 8: The stable for the horses.
pic 9: Inside of the barracks. the office part.
pic 10-11: Third person and first person view of the place
pic 12: The gate house and the drawbridge.
pic 13: The drawbridge from the side
pic 14-15: The mechanical parts of the drawbridge and the portcullis.
pic 16: The carpenters work shop, still work in progress
pic 17: Looking in to the barracks.
pic 18: As you can see, still working on it, but its inside the walls of the barracks.

if you have any ideas or suggestions on what i can build or do better, type it in the comments.
Progress10% complete

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