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avatar Lockie_Spartan
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
This is something I've been working on quite a while and only have recently found enough gall to post any pictures. This is a server I made for myself to just build a world on that I can fly around in with different cities, landmarks, easter eggs to lore that I can make up on the spot you know old fashioned imagination. These particular photographs are my world spawn. I wanted a world tree to caress my history playing world of warcraft but i could decide which tree I wanted in the end, so they both made the cut. (no pun intended.)
My main focus is like everyone else's really, I want to see more civilization take place in minecraft, more communitarian servers that play for the heck of it. I find myself in a gout in life where games don't do it for me anymore. WoW, EvE online, even single player games like assassin's creed and roller coaster tycoon, just wasnt in it for me. Minecraft for some reason is the most amazing game I have found where I can not only build and manipulate land and water like god but I can then equip elytra and fireworks and fly around these great wonders pretending they were there the whole time. So, I hope you enjoy what I have built and I really hope for requests and diamonds and support from who ever feels the same way.
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Update #1 : 06/15/2018 3:42:19 pmJun 15th

More castle pictures as requested. Thing is, this is where I need the most help with the body of the castle, because as you can see I can get the towers and spires where I want them but lose sight of the body of the keep itself.

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  • 7grims
  • Level 43
  • Master Architect
  • June 14, 2018, 12:23 pm
That castle looks awesome, u should focus the images more on that and people will probably give u more diamonds, also more pics of it in general.

The terraform stuff is nice, but easy to do, hence not as interesting.
Thank you, @7grims, I feel the same way. I was going through these pictures when I was posting and I realized I didn't have enough pictures of the castle. So, stay tuned!

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