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[MythiCubeMMO]: Dorfox, the Mages College of Eildarin!

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MythiCube avatar MythiCube
Level 32 : Artisan Network
Hello, fellow minecrafters!   

We are proud to present the Mages College of Eildarin, located in the Elven Capital! This is where young intellects go to in order to study, learn, and fail exams!

This College was founded centuries ago in order to preserve and share the Elven tradition of elemental magics. Some of the most reputed thaumaturges graduated from this academy. Some are still alive, wishing to share their knowledge; others are deceased, their creations waiting to be found, may they be for good or evil...

But now, a higher priority presides: the old headmaster recently died at the age of 256. By not having decided on whom shall succeed him, two of the most prominent sorcerers of our time are fighting for the control of this place. The tension is rising...a fight shall declare the winner. Follow us in order to see our spells features in full action!

We are also recruiting builders. We need talenteddetermined and dedicated builders to fill our world with your gorgeous builds.  

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please go to our recruitment thread

This project is part of the MythiCubeMMO server! Check our the project's link! 

We hope to see this project receive more support from the community!
CreditArcherAZ, Mr_BIueSky, mcclorey12, TheYoungWolf52, nizbizen, Elfqueen67, horus_icarus
Progress100% complete

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12/22/2019 8:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
3rufu avatar
Is there anywhere I could get a download of this? I know this is 5 years old by now but this would be perfect for what I need.
12/29/2014 11:36 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
WingDeviously avatar
I'm still gonna support the progress of the server! [Diamonded]
12/30/2014 11:09 am
Level 32 : Artisan Network
MythiCube avatar
Thank you very much for your continued support!
12/29/2014 2:19 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
Teamillusory avatar
This is amazing do yall have a server where someone could view your work
12/29/2014 11:05 am
Level 32 : Artisan Network
MythiCube avatar
Every project which is part of the [MythiCubeMMO] project is built on our future RPG server. We currently only reveal it's IP to our builders; if you wish to adhere, simply post a comment in our recruitment thread and we will look into it!
12/28/2014 8:47 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
Banana avatar
Finally, an amazing build with INTERIOR. Diamond for you!
12/27/2014 2:43 pm
Level 26 : Expert Architect
Genericname10324 avatar
looks good
12/27/2014 12:04 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Geek
sonofdad123 avatar
I love seeing complete, and well-furnished interiors! This build is fantastic.
12/27/2014 12:09 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Network
MythiCube avatar
Thank you for this very kind comment! Our interiors will be fully functionnal since this aims to be a public server.
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