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Narrowland Railway system

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avatar Tornado_Chasing
Level 1 : New Miner

Real Train Mod is a railway mod that adds trains in Minecraft. Currently however, there are very few maps that actually utilizes RTM. Because of that, I introduce you this: Narrow Island Railway system.
This railway system will be planned to consist 42 stations on Phase I, alongside with 2 higher-speed to high-speed lines, 3 regional lines and 1 commuter line. Other feature includes:
- Great scenery
- Small road system (Phase II)
- Efficient connection between areas
- and more...


This map requires these mods to function:
- NGTLib
- Real Train Mod
- Biomes O' Plenty
- Station Items
- Road Stuff
- Malisis Doors
- Malisis Core
- Minecraft Comes Alive
- MrCrayfish Furniture mod.
Also, allocate at least 1100MB of memory to Minecraft for extra headroom.
This map is for 1.7.10 only!

I strongly recommend these mods/modelpacks:
- Optifine
- Default train pack
- hi03 Hinode pack


- Fixing tight curves and steep slopes on some sections
- Creating a functional wayside fixed-block signalling system
- Automatic Train Control (ATC) on high speed lines.
- Adding more mezzanine on some stations.
- Adding more decorations to bridges and terraforming.
- Adding more clearance on some sections

Estimated Phase I release time: February 2020

Credithi03 (For the Hinode pack), Yih Ge 一哥 (for the default train pack)
Progress10% complete

1 Update Logs

Pre-release v0.1 : 06/16/2019 10:24:26 amJun 16th

- Fix some tight curves on Narrowland Railway
- Renovated North Beach station
- Add another exit on North Beach Station
- Orange Village station and exits were completed.
- Start working on the Woodplain Express high-speed rail.

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