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Narrowland Railway system

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Real Train Mod is a railway mod that adds trains in Minecraft. Currently however, there are very few maps that actually utilizes RTM. Because of that, I introduce you this: Narrow Island Railway system.
This railway system will be planned to consist of 42 stations on Phase I, alongside with 2 higher-speed to high-speed lines, 3 regional lines and 1 commuter line. Other feature includes:
- Great scenery
- Small road system (Phase II)
- Efficient connection between areas
- and more...


This map requires these mods to function:
- NGTLib
- Real Train Mod
- hi03 Hinode pack
- RTM-Taiwan_TRA_Rail-v2.0
- Biomes O' Plenty
- Station Items
- Road Stuff
- Malisis Doors
- Malisis Core
- Minecraft Comes Alive
- MrCrayfish Furniture mod.

Also, allocate at least 1500MB of memory to Minecraft for extra headroom.
This map is for 1.7.10 only!
Please use the latest version of RTM ( and NGTLib (!)

I strongly recommend these mods/modelpacks:
- Optifine
- Default train pack
- Localized Weather and Storms
- CoroUtil

When the download link is not working, it means that the download link is being updated.


Taiwan TRA Rail 2.0
Real Train Mod (NGTLib is in the "Embedded Library" tab when you click the file)
hi03 pack (The password is in 「 and 」)
     Example: 「*password here*」
Station Items (Use google translate to navigate)
Other files can be easily searched in Google.


- Fixing tight curves and steep slopes on some sections
- Creating a functional wayside fixed-block signalling system
- Automatic Train Control (ATC) on high speed lines.
- Adding more mezzanine on some stations.
- Adding more decorations to bridges and terraforming.
- Adding more clearance on some sections

Credithi03 (For the Hinode pack), Yih Ge 一哥 (for the default train and RTM-Taiwan_TRA_Rail-v2.0 packs)
Progress10% complete

6 Update Logs

Pre-release v0.0.5 : 04/13/2020 9:10:24 amApr 13th

- New village: Redhelm and Jarcarta
- New station: Redhelm Village, Norbury (subway) and Norbury South
- New railway: Subway line connecting Norbury and Norbury East
- New highway connecting: Redhelm and Jarcarta
- Two new entrance at Norbury station:
  Entrance at the Oak Residence
  Entrance at the Spruce Residence
- Renovate public housing buildings to a certain theme
- Rebuild certain parts of the Mainline
- Extended, widened, and replace the flooring on North Beach station
- Electrification of the HSR.

04/16/2020 3:20 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
its also an amazing map
04/16/2020 3:09 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
can you update it to 1.12.2
04/22/2020 5:25 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect
Until Real Train Mod is stable enough with Optifine, and when I can make an code that converts RTM 1.7.10 blocks to 2.4.x ones.
03/01/2020 1:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Julia Pro3211567
the best map
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