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♦ Naruto Recreation ♦ [ Sunagakure - Complete Build ]

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Welcome to Sunagakure (砂隠れの里)! This village is alternatively known as the Hidden Sand Village, and is the primary ninja village of the Land of Wind. As the major village of the Five Great Nations, Sunagakure is led by the Kazekage who leads this village which is located in a massive canyon in the middle of the desert. As the village is located in a canyon, in the midst of the desert, it is protected against foreign powers as few are capable of enduring the sandstorms within the Land of Wind.


This Konohagakure build consists of over 3 billion blocks and is a colossal build project that aimed to recreate the entire map of the Hidden Leaf Village within Minecraft. From the headquarters of the ANBU Black Ops, to the Uchiha Clan Quarter, this map utilised resources from multiple sources such as; Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, the Naruto Manga and Anime. The village took ten months to build, with the builds and terrain being hand built (rather than procedurally generated). This build is featured on Naruto Legacy.


Naruto Legacy is an upcoming Naruto project that aims to encompass the entire world of Naruto within the realm of Minecraft. In order to accomplish this, a unique storyline has been written which involves adventures all around the Naruto World. Currently the project is still in construction, and has been for the last four years. If you'd like to follow the project or assist us, please join our discord here: discord.gg/AaHAE75

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