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Nether Ghost

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avatar Molten_Knight
Level 1 : New Miner
(This is my first creation.)

The 1.6 update added a bunch of new things and enemies. One of which being a piglin. If a piglin kills you, it might steal your armor.
The way to get it back is to kill the piglin. This means if a piglin kills when your wearing overpowered armor, it will become overpowered.

Making the nether ghost on this map is pretty easy. First, you want to find the hero's chest, containing all the things you need to kill it.
Next, nearby the chest, is a command block that will spawn a piglin in a chamber. Make sure it isn't a baby piglin or wearing gold armor. You want to press the droppers around it, giving it strong netherite armor. Find a gate leading to a command block room. You can change how powerful the piglin is. (If you activate all the buffs for it, you can still kill it.) Make sure the piglin is invisible. After that, the piglin will now be a ghost wearing netherite armor! Break the glass to release it and fight it. Killing it gives you super good armor.

Good Luck!

This can also be used for testing what a piglin puts on.
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