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This is a nether hub in the basalt delta. There is a Warped forest on its border. It has a station for placing tracks to other portals for easy access on a multiplayer server. There is a dorm room where you can build your own rooms to stay in or make little storage places. The portal generated in a cave and I could not move it above the ground so I built stairs to the surface. This world can be used in survival if you are ok with the portal being underground and the stairs to the surface. You may use this for all of your needs but if you use this in a server or a video let me know so I can check it out and make sure to give me credit! If you do not spawn near the portal type [​/tp @s 13746 73 99013] (Overworld) If you do not spawn near the hub type [​/tp @s 1743 46 12374] (Nether) The world is your oyster! Note: The dorm rooms have not been built nor designed, there are only doors leading to the places I suggest to put rooms. I did this in hope that you build your own rooms.
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