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New City v0.3

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Level 30 : Artisan Crafter

New City

Everyone has a story. You decide your own story. If you decide to help everyone, it's your choice. If you decide to go to work every day, it's your choice. If you want to decorate your house, it's your choice. Explore this new world. Explore this New City.

In this City

There are different things you can do in New City:

  • There are 11 shops
  • There are 8 jobs
  • There is a forest, a library, a disco, a restaurant, a beach, a parkour course and a hotel
  • You can talk to villagers and help them with their problems
  • Villagers will go to their own jobs
If you want to see another map by me where you can fight creatures in an Arena, try Creature Combat:
You can get DEMO's for this map in my Discord Server:
Please give feedback in my Discord Server!

Thank you for reading. More updates will be coming out!

- Tijd4Jan -- SuperJanNL (We're the same person)
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2 Update Logs

v0.3 (The Routine Update) : by Tijd4Jan 05/24/2021 6:31:09 amMay 24th, 2021

New City v0.3


Buildings and shops

- Added the Factory

--- Contains command blocks that power the map

--- Has a reset button that resets villagers, routines, days and certain Quests

- Added the Tool Shop

--- Ms. Brown works here

--- You can get stone and iron tools and a bell

--- Open on tuesday-thursday

- Added a Treasure Book to the Book Shop

- Added more clothes to the Clothes Shop

- Shops will now open and close at specific times


- Added Weekdays

- Added Routines

--- Villagers have jobs now and do things in their free time

- Added Quest messages

--- This makes it easier to see which villagers need your help


- Added Mr. Claudel

--- Married to Mr. Banner

--- Works at the Hotel and Lumberjack Job

- Added Mrs. Van Dijk

--- Her husband has not been added yet

--- Works at the Farmer Job

- Some villagers can now buy the Eye of Ender from Treasure Chests


- Added Lanterns to all houses and shops

- 1.16.5 support



- Some flower beds have different flowers


- All Quests are now spread across two weeks

--- You are not able to complete all Quests right away

- You can now get new items in Treasure Chests

Buildings and Shops

- Changed the interior of the Farm

- Changed the interior of the Hotel

- Changed the interior of Mr. Banner and Mr. Claudel’s house

- Clothes from the Clothes Shop are less vibrant

- All shopkeepers and job villagers have been replaced:

--- Ms. Ludwig works at the Fruit Shop

--- Mr. Chess is a butcher

--- Mr. Green works at the Interior Shop

--- Ms. Civilization works at the Clothes Shop

--- Mr. Freedom works at the Pet Store

--- Ms. Smile is Fisherman

--- Mr. Fish works at the Book Store

--- Mrs. Fish is a Musician

--- Ms. Kelvin is a Shepherd

--- Mr. Ground is a Crafter

--- Mr. Holiday works at the Flower Shop

--- Ms. Fly is a Miner and works at the Loot Shop

--- Ms. Brown works at the Tool Shop and the restaurant

--- Mr. Banner works at the Drink Shop and the Disco

--- Mr. Claudel works at the Hotel and is a Lumberjack

--- Mrs. Van Dijk is a Farmer


- You can now actually buy the empty brown house


- Removed the music disc ‘The Fake Block’ from the Disco

- Removed all original shopkeepers and job villagers


- A job villager said “this this” in a sentence


- A Calendar was supposed to be added, but the map wasn’t ready for a Resource Pack yet

- ‘Your Own Shop’ was meant to be added, but this was scrapped to get this update out sooner

--- This was partially added by making it that you can sell the Eye of Ender to some villagers

- There was a bug which, apparently, wasn’t a bug

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