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New Kalamaria - The New Beginning

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Kalamar_Sinn avatar Kalamar_Sinn
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
I have not kept track of the days since I found myself in this wilderness that I now call home, nor do I know where this new home is. Upon stepping through the portal the world went dark to my perceptions, and next I found myself high above the ground in the limbs of a large Spruce, one of a multitude in a vast and dark forest. As the Wizard had warned me, I was prepared for many such unusual situations, and finding myself in an arboreal realm was one such occasion I had planned for.

In fact, it was just the fortunate start I was hoping to have to my endeavor, or at least one of a handful I desired. Perhaps the Gods did smile upon me like he said. Producing my wooden axe, the best I could craft to that point, I proceeded to harvest the forest of trees as I traveled through it. It did not take long for me to secure a good amount of spruce logs which I stashed in the Bag-Of-Holding the wizard had gifted me prior to my departure, a gift I could not imagine embarking upon such an endeavor without, the challenges would be insurmountable.

After less than a days travel I found myself at the edge of a flowered grassy steppes populated by Pigs, Chickens, Cows and most importantly for my current consideration, Sheep and Wheat seeds. As in the Spruce forest, I harvested my way across the region until I came Upon a suitable location to consider founding New Kalamaria.

Up to this date, whatever day that may be, I have managed to construct a rudimentary fort built into a small hill that sits on the edge of one of the larger level areas of the steps and a section of the spruce forest I originally found myself. Three small ponds serve as convenient water sources for wheat gardens I planted with the seeds gathered on my journey which has allowed me to start increasing the local stock of wild chickens, sheep and cows. As well as afford me ample bread for myself and to start a larder for the villagers the will eventually inhabit Kalamaria.

The fort itself, is a humble beginning, as most beginnings are, one of dirt and stone and wood, protected by fire and metal and muscle. It is dug in and through the hill, a long tunnel traveling from the side where the gardens and main living quarters lay trough the hill to the other, where a river runs past that gives me access to us of yet un-explored territory. My hope is that somewhere along that river lies an established village, or perhaps even other prospector & adventurer such as myself; a source of villagers in the first and hopefully an ally and trading partner in the latter.

Under the fort I have dug a deep born hole and have had the fortune of finding large quantities of Iron and coal, along with a sizable deposit of Redstone. The iron deposits have afforded me enough iron to craft a full set of iron armor including shield as well as a sword and shear with enough left over I've felt no need to mine for more. The Redstone I have yet to utilize and the coal I have been quickly turning into torches enabling me to extend my Light Shield to a limited region surrounding the fort, significantly reducing the close mob spawns.

It is a new beginning, one born from war, and terror, and death, but one of Hope, that this world will hold, that we will finally be able to stand, and hold back the darkness that threatens to extinguish the light of man.
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Hunters Hunted : 11/21/2021 2:39:31 pmNov 21st

The Sun has hunted the Moon across the sky a number of times since I last captured my thoughts.

Again, how many I can not say with accuracy, for I often spend untold hours toiling in the depth of the earth, with their chase across the skies hidden from me eyes. In those dark depth, I seek my own hidden treasures, a bounty not won by a speedy chase, but a slow and deliberate hunt. A hunt often as dangerous to the hunter as the hunted.

Many times, while hammering away at the earths bones, I will hear the low grown of an accursed zombie or the rattling of bones in the earth, but not of it. The tell-tail of a mob infested cavern. All the while knowing a simple failure of intuition and the falling of a thing rock wall can put me face to face with death itself, in a myriad of forms and fashions.

None pleasant or appealing to me.

In the very depths of the earth, where the rocks are hard beyond breaking, I found a fair portion of a great treasure. Ten large deposits of diamonds along with a sizable amount of Redstone and Iron. And all those treasures for the price of some simple tools, and a momentary panicked brush with lava.

One must learn to run quickly in tight passages to survive such endeavors.

All my efforts have not been so singular in attention though.

I have made contact with other explorers, adventurers and others through out the world as the Wizard said I would, if only by way of Runetext. I sense allies, and those I must be wary of. I have also come to discover the territory I have made my home has established high leaders known as The Owners. I now find myself in the position of having to, if not owe allegiance, at least abide by their set of universal laws and strictures. For me as such, I have a specific interested in the land acquisition laws, being I am looking to found a colony, with the express desire to expand into a city to house my people. In truth this is another fortune for my endeavor, a power beyond my own, and if their city is any measure, far far beyond my own power, to protect and insure my holdings under their rule against those other adventurers, explorers, and most importantly, thieves and claim jumpers..

The Owners have been more than open to my desires, having a great interest of their own to see the hostile wilderness within their domain tamed and settled, they afforded me a small land grand consisting of the area of my fort with the option to expand to fit my needs, for a fee of course.

It is an encouraging sign that civilization, so as can exist in this darkness sieged world, may arise and lend it's light against the foulness that threatens us all. This very night as I write these thoughts, I can hear the moans of the un-dead stalking the shadowy perimeter of my forts Light Shield, and I wonder how far and long I can push the darkness back myself without such aid?

Daily, sometimes hourly, I watch the Death Notes coming across the Runereader from those like myself, those battling the darkness across the world, and I wonder, how soon they will read about me? The Wizards enchantments bring us back from death, yes. Whole and at home even. But the trauma and anger of the deaths linger. Each one building upon the other, feeding the dread for the next death to follow... We must be the light that stands between, and holds the darkness at bay.

No matter the lives lost.
It is the WOTO Way.

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