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Newport Harbor High School in 2003 (REDUX)

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 Some of you out there may be familiar with my Newport Harbor High School project. It was something I had wanted to do for a year or two, and it was in the spring of this year that I finally got the motivation to make it happen. I made a lot of progress on the project, but there were several flaws with it; the front entrance to Robins Hall was too short; Robins Hall and the gym were too far away from the sidewalk; the trees were inaccurate; the bridge between Sims Hall and Beek Hall was, to say the least, a disaster; the distance between the buildings closest to Davidson Field was off; the shape of the Davidson Field track was off. And there had been so many changes between the initial versions and the later ones that some things just didn't translate right. I am more familiar now with how Robins Hall looked back in the day, and I will illustrate these findings as I work on this project.

  Working on this new version has been hectic. I lost motivation with it, I restarted work on the project three times and I have been busy playing various Kirby games. But I now have the confidence to move on with my current build. I am proud of my work, and how accurate it looks to how the school looked 15 years ago. And I will do my best to maintain that quality and attention to detail the more I go on.

  A sore point of the old version was the lack of interiors. One reason I didn't start the original project for a while was due to the sacrifices I pondered having to make in order to have interiors. Eventually, I buckled and decided to only recreate the buildings on the outside, rather than both the inside and outside. I know better now. For buildings that I know how the interiors look, I will do my best to recreate the interiors. For buildings that I DON'T know how the interior looks, I will improvise. I'd much rather have slightly inaccurate interiors than no interiors at all.

  This will be the definitive build of Newport Harbor High School in 2003. Everything will be done with as much attention to detail as possible, and I plan on making side-by-sides between the actual old campus and my recreation. Stay tuned.

  For what I'm using as reference material while making this project, check out the page for the old version.
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