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Newport Harbor High School (DISCONTINUED)

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TinoTheArchitectFox's Avatar TinoTheArchitectFox
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Yes, people. This is the map that, to a limited extent, made me a little bit famous. I started it back in May 2018, and it's been going until now. I've simply discontinued work on this project on the basis that some parts of it just didn't please me; the Robins Hall entrance; Beek Hall; Sims Hall; the bridge between Beek and Sims. I've learned from the mistakes I made on this current map, and I'm showing that I've learned from them in a new and improved one I'm currently working on. So far, things are looking way more accurate to how the school looked in real life back in 2003 than it did in the old project. One big improvement this new one will have is that I will create interiors! Granted, I will most likely have to do some improvising, as it is nearly impossible to get very many pictures of the interior of the old Robins Hall.


A site that should be (or should've been) recognizable to anyone in the Costa Mesa/ Newport Beach area. This is a recreation of how the school looked in 2003, simply because I think the school was far prettier back then.

Please note that this is simply a recreation of the EXTERIORS of all the buildings. If you look through any of the windows or the hallways of the Home Arts building, you will just see black concrete.

To install, extract the contents of the .zip archive to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds. Please note that this world only works with the Windows 10 edition. You may need the Chroma Hills texture pack and SS10 shaders for the world to display properly.

Also, starting June 15, 2018, the screenshots have now been snapped with a shader and texture pack on. Though the textures will now be slightly off, the atmosphere, mood and lighting will look a lot better now.
Current progress (July 09, 2018):

Sims Hall: 100% complete
Robins Hall: 100% complete
Dodge Hall: 100% complete
Beek Hall: 100% completed
Davidson Field: 90% complete
Home Arts: 100% complete
Tech Building: 100% complete
Gym/ PE area: 40% complete

Overall: 91% complete

For you curious folks out there, here is a list of differences between the school in 2003 and now.

Almost completely different Robins Hall
More vegetation
Partially different Davidson Field
Different Dodge Hall rear stairs
No elevators for the disabled

You may ask yourself why I'm doing this. Well, it's to help revitalize a piece of history. Robins Hall was built in 1930 and, between then and the 1980s, several other school buildings joined it. In 2003, it was discovered that the original Robins Hall did not meet earthquake code requirements and was unsafe for people to enter. Thus, they booted out students and staff and teachers while they planned what to do with it. The original plan was to retrofit the building so people could re-enter it while a monument of the past could be preserved. However, costs to do that would be too high, so it was decided that the original building would have to be demolished and replaced. Understandably, the community was furious. A building they held so close to their hearts would be seemingly carelessly demolished. Thus, the team behind the project made a compromise: the original Robins Hall would be demolished, but the original bell tower, the structure so many people were in love with, would be preserved and reinforced. However, it soon arose that the bell tower would simply crumble in the case of an earthquake, which is not a good liability if teenagers and children are entering the building. Thus, the bell tower would have to go too. However, one thing the team COULD do was salvage and preserve some artifacts from the old building and either store it away or reinstall it in the new building when the time came. Thus, in late 2006, roughly eight months before the planned demolition, the two mosaics from 1937 in the quad, various light fixtures and some memorial plaques were taken out to be stored while the original structure was destroyed. In August 2007, demolition time came. The Robins Hall and Loats Theatre were demolished, before the poorly-supported bell tower stood in the morning sun. With many people watching and filming, a wrecking ball swung into the base of the tower various times, until the support crumbled and the tower fell over onto the dirt. In that moment, 77 years of history were flushed down the toilet. Not long after the crumbled building was cleaned up, it was almost time for the 2008 school year to begin and for construction of the new building to begin. Until the new building was finished (and from the time the original building was deemed unsafe) the facilities of Robins Hall were provided in various portable classrooms near the practice field. After two years of construction, the new building was done and unveiled. As promised, the two mosaics from the old building were reinstalled near the principal's office and the light fixtures were installed in the library and the new theatre. While the rebuilt bell tower looked almost identical to the old one (minus a few trivial details), everything else (except the front of the school) barely pays any homage to the old building. In fact, the back actually pays NO homage to the old building. It's just a giant ugly block of science classrooms. While I am relieved the new building preserved SOME of the old building and paid SOME tribute to its design, everything else about it is utterly disgusting. It is blocky, grey and generally visually unappealing. Sadly, they built it to last, so I think we will be stuck with this clustref*ck of a building for decades to come. Thus, I decided to make this world. It is a replica of our past, and since we can't have the old building in real life anymore, I thought we could still have it virtually (well, unless my screenshots get erased and the Planet Minecraft databases go down).

I was very young when the old version of Robin's Hall was demolished (and even when it was around, I didn't see it or pay attention to it), and thus, I almost have to entirely rely on grainy old satellite photos and yearbook photos from mismatched years that contradict how certain parts looked in the satellite photos. If you remember how certain parts of Robin's Hall looked back in these days against how I built it in the photos, please tell me. In addition to helping me complete this project, you will also be helping me make this as accurate a recreation as possible.

Sources for inspiration:

Satellite images of school from 2003
Yearbook photos ranging from 1941 to 2007
2003 website

Pre-construction renders from 1929
.pdf showing photos of what and what not artifacts would be preserved from the old building from about 2006


Blueprints of school from Measure A bond

Progress90% complete

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05/10/2018 9:47 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
TinoTheArchitectFox's Avatar

I decided to add updates for each time I change anything in the project, no matter how trivial. Once the right time comes, these updated screenshots will replace the older ones.

Changed Beek Hall stairs, as before they were based on the stair design AFTER the 2004 remodel and not before
Windows added to entrance of admin building
Wood support legs added to building near loading bay
Window placement in Sims Hall/ front of Robins Hall slightly changed
Some windows in Beek Hall removed
Small stairs added to platform containing mosaics in quad
Small window block added behind bell tower
Mosaic platform redesigned to look more faithful to real one
Inner quad slightly redesigned to look more like a garden and less like a forest with a small stone area next to it
Small overhang patio added near mosaic platform
Added small structure attached to side of Loats Theatre
Added stairs to small patio next to library
Added structure near back of Robins Hall
Added small platform near Beek Hall stairs
Added small patio near storage room
Added trapdoors and levers to bell tower chamber to give a more faithful look
Re-did theatre to look more faithful to the old one, as I realized I modelled the theatre in this world after the theatre in the new building and not the old one
Gave bell tower a taller profile to look more faithful
Added metal staircase next to Robins Hall
Removed door from Robins Hall front entrance
Redid vegetation to match original more closely
Added entrance court yard/ secondary performing arts centre
Added rear/side courtyards
Added grass paths and 'Milestones in NHHS History' statue to back of Robins Hall
Worked on front part of gym/finished filmmaking classroom quad
Started on Home Arts Building
Added trees to outer quad
Redid eating area next to library entrance
Finished Home Arts building
Worked on/started Davidson Field
Redid Robins Hall inner quad
Redid library reading room entrance to be symmetrical
Added second window to building behind library
Redid window placement on room attached to admin building
Added arches to courtyard entrance next to the second performing arts centre
Made some progress on gym area
Added handball courts next to Home Arts building
Added interior to library (just for fun, and no the rest of the rooms won't have this addition)
Slightly redid cross structure of Robins Hall rear
Added door to rear of Robins Hall
Finished Sims Hall
Slightly heightened Beek Hall
Added benches to lower areas of outer Sims Hall
Added shrubbery to behind Robins Hall
Added columns to rear of block structure behind theatre
Redid window arrangement in small building to back corner of theatre
Added brick fences around four grass formations behind theatre
Redid window placement next to Robins Hall
Redid rails on stairs to upper Robins Hall
Added second garage door to storage area next to Robins Hall
Added door to space below Robins Hall outer stairs
Replaced second mosaic in quad, as it randomly disappeared
Redid building next to theatre to be more authentic (thanks to 1973 yearbook)
Redid cross section next to Robins...again
Replaced iron in area next to Robins Hall to quartz (to more closely resemble the white painted wood design of the rest of the buildings)
Changed colour of admin building windows on left side from black to blue
Added download
Got off lazy butt and worked on project again (added lots to Davidson Field, including all of track, visitor stands, some fencing and some of the walkway
Removed tile roof/redesigned protrusion from back of Robins Hall
Added stairs to door near loading bay mural
Readded mosaic to quad...AGAIN
Removed "Sailor Pride" banner from Davidson Field press box, as I realized the banner was a temporary fixture for the Class of 1998 graduation and nothing else
Removed brick benches from grass formations behind Wentz theatre, as I realized they weren't there in 2003 but they were in 2006
Removed excess windows from building beside theatre
Filled in asphalt in path between Robins Hall and Davidson Field
Slightly shortened ticket booths for Davidson Field
Redid structure on top of Admin building
Added small spires to bell tower
Slightly redid windows on building behind theatre
Redid some trees to be taller
Added hammer throw pits and basic outline for soccer field in Davidson Field
Slightly reduced height of Davidson Field press box
Added final version download/discontinued project

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