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No Jump Parkour - A challenging parkour where you can't jump!

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pointnclick14 avatar pointnclick14
Level 29 : Expert Creeper Hugger
Ah, the jump: a move that is integral to so many Minecraft parkour maps. However, what would happen if this ability were to be taken away from the player? Find out in…

No Jump Parkour

No Jump Parkour is a parkour map set in the ancient floating continent of Tencou, where players take on the challenge of navigating mind-bending obstacle courses all without the ability to jump. Those who are smart enough to find their way through the obstacles of Tencou will be rewarded with precious gold blocks from the mysterious demigod Tobanai, which help in opening up new regions in Tencou for the player to explore. This “in development” map, when complete, will boast an explorable hub, various levels, numerous secrets, and many grand rewards. The land of Tencou, and its many obstacles, await: are you up for the challenge?

How the map works

You will begin this map in a central hub, from which you are able to enter multiple levels. Each level contains one gold block that can be collected by the player for getting through the level, as well as one gold block that is unlocked after collecting all the hidden golden bells in a level. Additional gold blocks- plus a selection of other secrets- are hidden in some levels as well. Of course, as players lack the ability to jump in this map, levels are completed somewhat differently compared to levels in a conventional Minecraft parkour. Players who die a minimum number of times in a level will also be able to receive additional collectibles. The gold blocks/ items that a player collects all assist in unlocking new levels in the central hub.

Note: this is a single-player-only map.

Demo 1

This first demo of the map contains 5 regular levels to attempt, plus one bonus level to discover.

Click the link below to download.

Glitches/ technical issues

This map, being in its early stages, may contain a few bugs: if you experience any bugs during your playthrough, please send me a direct message about it, such that it can be corrected in future iterations of this map.

Known glitches

  • Too many “level exit” tokens are given to players when entering most levels.
  • 2 raw gold blocks are given to players when they collect the one raw gold block in the level named “The Ascending temple”.

Future development.

Due to the length of time involved in constructing levels, this map will have a number of demos released before its final version is released. Additionally, due to current development time constraints, it’s unfortunately uncertain when this final version will be able to be released. To speed up development, I am seeking map builders who may be interested in designing new levels for the map. Levels need to be about 5.5 minutes in length (from the spawn point to level exit with no mistakes): so long as it isn’t too complex, I will be able to handle all the coding required for a constructed level. Those who help in level construction will be given a mention in the map’s credits as one of the main creators.

Credits/ resources used

Map by pointnclick14
  • Special thanks to Sethbling for making the “BlingEdit” datapack
  • The Website Minecraft.tools/en/
  • Mc-map.djfun.de/
  • www.gamergeeks.nz
  • minecraft.novaskin.me used for map’s icon
  • font for map’s title supplied by Pixel Kitchen
Progress20% complete

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07/06/2022 8:42 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
iiipt01 avatar
nice map
07/13/2022 11:23 am
Level 29 : Expert Creeper Hugger
pointnclick14 avatar
Thanks for the comment. Out of curiosity, did you encounter any bugs/glitches during your playthrough?
07/15/2022 7:55 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
iiipt01 avatar
I didn't see any bugs/glitches
07/17/2022 4:05 am
Level 29 : Expert Creeper Hugger
pointnclick14 avatar
good to hear!
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