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Rise of the Pigmen v1.4

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3Darkons avatar 3Darkons
Level 42 : Master Taco
Rise of the Pigmen





The land of Terradona has long known peace, unlike most of its kin. After a somewhat gory but brief conquest by the Teserald Empire, a somewhat uneasy calm had been felt in the land. Battlecries had disbanded into nursery rhymes. Swords had been mounted on the wall and found refuge from the grindstone. Even inside civil disputes, accounts of bloodshed had become almost mythological. In fact, Terradona might have been the first (and thus only) land to ever grasp the true concept of “peace”. It’s a lovely fact that the worst storms begin after the nicest weather. In year 638, nearly a century after Emperor Govenstead II united his realm, tragedy had found a way to catch up. Mages, free from slinging fire spells against their enemy, took time to voyage the metaverse beyond. Their minds went deeper, far deeper than which any man is used to. Secrets from before the archaic had been revealed, and powers beyond comprehension had been acquired. Some believe a young mage recruit Hamold Alphos who was the first to hear the voice. It’s hard to tell, because around a dozen or so all had made notes on it around the same time, winter of 638. Its exact wordage seemed to be dependent on each fellow, but the message seemed to be the same. The voice referred to a hidden realm, farther than even the most adept aetherwalkers had uncovered. As Alphos writes:The voice was sterner than anything I’ve ever heard, but somehow inviting. Ittold me that he is from a realm far, far away, and that he requires a physical linkage toours. Almost instantly, an image appeared before me. It was a gateway of sorts,modestly sized, made of pure obsidian. The exact dimensions seemed to be engrainedinto my head, even though I’d never spent a day learning about engineer or architecture. The last thing the voice mentioned was that the reward for binding our worlds wasbeyond what even he can grasp.Anyone would be at least intrigued at that offer…

And so a gate was erected, in complete secrecy, of course. The mages were high with anticipation, though entirely nervous due to the ambiguity of their task. With a deep breath, Alphos lit the gate.Might as well lit the pyre that burns all of existence....

A never before seen evil liberated itself from its dark, fire homeland. Deformed aberrations marched out in legions, carrying golden arms pointed at any mortal being. The land of the summoning had been lost and forgotten (or more accurately avoided at all costs) and have since been christened the “Deadlands”, for obvious reasons. A war finally found itself to the extremely privileged land of Terradona, though the type of conflict made the Teseraldians wish that they were spilling their own blood frivolously.

The bodies of the mages were never found. Many suggest that they were simply disposed of on the spot, but others think that they had at least received what they were promised.

And thus enters you, “magnificent stallion”. For whatever reason, the fates have smiled wryly upon you, and have given you the challenge to end this blight. More shall be known further into your quest, and that shall begin at the small hamlet of Riveraire.
Be brave, and remember that your failure equates to death or life as we know it.


Additional Notes

This map is for Minecraft version 1.3.1!

  • Do not Break blocks unless asked to on a quest. With the exception of torches and mushrooms. Of course.
  • Same goes with placing blocks.
  • Play on at least Easy Difficulty.
  • If there is a sign above a chest, (Likely a quest, Or a store.) You are not permitted to take the items from it. Common sense is applied here.
  • Using Ender Pearls to reach locations which require you to complete a quest to unlock the location, Is cheating.
  • ALL Pigmen are enemies. So treat them like enemies and attack them on sight. On the plus side, They drop money.
  • If you loose any of the nine keys (You will know what I am talking about when you play the map.) It is GAME OVER. (If this becomes a common problem we will add extra keys.) So make sure to always keep them out of your pocket in the case that you die!
  • Do not cross the bedrock mountain!
  • Only enter the Deadlands if you have accepted any of the two black quests. It is very dangerous.
Quest Rules:
(The use of floating exclamation marks is from the owner of the map "Creeper Quest" All credits and ideas go to him.)
  • Blue exclamation marks, Tell you that there is a side quest underneath it. Side quests can be completed for money and Items. This is based off of the trust system. Do not cheat, It will make the game no fun.
  • Red exclamation marks, Tell you that a main quest is there. (The first main quest is in Riveraire, Please do that one first, Or much of the story won't make sense.)
  • Black exclamation marks, Tell you that an extremely difficult quest is there. It is recommended that you do these quests on multiplayer or with tons of items. They are the most difficult.
Economy Rules:

  • The main economy is Gold. Any Gold Nuggets, Ingots, And blocks are all an accepted currency.
  • You can still trade with villagers using emeralds, Although the most commonly needed Items will be purchased from stores using gold.
  • Buying Items from the store is a trust system. You will put your money in the chest, And take the item you want. If you steal from these chests, You are only cheating yourself (Unless online) And doing that will also ruin any challenge the map has to offer.
  • You can purchase some houses from the town store. Once you buy the house, You will get the key to it. (A lever) A house is locked with an iron door. Once opened inside is a chest filled with decorations for your house. This is one of the only exceptions to placing blocks. Only place those blocks inside of YOUR house. Avoiding this rule is cheating. You can also buy some decorations from the town's store, If they offer any.
  • You can also buy other property. (e.x. Farms) And the same rules apply as the houses.

  • Play from 4-8 People for max fun. 8 Being the total max amount of people aloud on the map.
  • 1-2 for the most challenge
  • Turn Clouds off.

List of Cities and Towns:
  • Appen - Starter village.
  • WindBurn - These people have a weird taste in food.
  • CoreVale - A lot of ancient history lives here.
  • WinterHold - A more modern town.
  • Riveraire - The first town for the main quest. Also a fishing village.
  • Penacre - The Farming town.
  • GoldHaven - The largest city to date.
  • Moronus - The name is pretty descriptive.
  • BloodShine - Beware.
  • SkyWarn - Top Secret

Here are the maps of all of the towns except the following:
  • Bloodshine
  • Penacre

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  • 3Darkons - Everything
  • Dudemasterym - Everything
  • Serbitaar090 (Darkan) - Best Builder Ever!
  • Ukraine17 - Builder and Tester
  • JurassicJ1997 - Builder
  • Timnus32 - Story writer and Builder
  • Themp3speler - Builder
  • XxKBCxX (jm3977) - Builder
  • Marckagado - Builder
  • Mouissermage - Tester
  • NewEster - Builder
  • Santos_Vitor - Builder
  • tutto200 - Writer and Builder
  • Forro34 - Let us use Colosseum

And check out my head builder's page! He should really get more attention to his work, It is great! http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/dudemasterym/

Thanks for your support guys, And please diamond!
CreditPlayers: Dudemasterym, Serbitaar090, Ukraine17, Timnus32, Marckagado, Themp3speler, And XxKBCxX
Progress100% complete

15 Update Logs

Version 1.4 : by 3Darkons 12/10/2013 6:35:17 pmDec 10th, 2013

This version was made entirely by Among_many.

His list includes:

-minor loot adjustments
-location 5 (silverfish nest)
-pigmen added
-decoration adjustments
-silverfish concentration changed
-Minor edits to Parker’s black quest.
-edited dragon egg quest slightly
-removed Jarrett007
-completed skywarn castle
-various skywarn changes
-Windburn trial
- +creepers
-Gashthor’s tomb
- pigmen
-leaper pigmen
-some decoration changes
-no more bandits
-Realm of Tranquility pigmen fixed.

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08/31/2019 7:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
dannybuthesarobot avatar
im trying to download but whenever i do it brings me to a dropbox website
10/28/2015 5:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
elementalcreeps83 avatar
how do u download the rise of pigmen adventure map i cant find where to download
11/02/2015 12:40 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
3Darkons avatar
Near the top, underneath the main picture it says download and has a button that says, "Minecraft World Save" and click on that.
12/13/2014 9:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PelargoPlays avatar
Hey 3Darkons, Me And My Friend Dan Played Your Map " Rise Of The Pigmen " And I Uploaded It On My Channel ' PelargoPlays ' And Well Me And Dan Can't Wait For Among Ruins And I'm Probably Going To Record On It As Soon As It Comes Out! What Date Do You Thing It Will Be Finished! Great Work And I'm Looking Forward To It! :D
12/13/2014 11:32 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
3Darkons avatar
Well, I fear to officially mention it because I have such mixed feelings about it, be we shelved the map for now. Minecraft popularity is at a downfall, but we believe it will spike again sometime soon in the near future. The shelving isn't permanent, and you can expect it up eventually. I haven't forgotten about all of you who love the map. It's just that this map is so huge and daunting, and over 500 Man Hours have been put into it. Can you imagine how much work that is? This map is massive, and everytime we get close to finishing it, we find something that needs to be redone and it become near implossible to make any real progress. I'm fearing to announce anything for real to the public, seeing as I've failed to meet all previous dates of release. It will be out eventually, I just hope you can understand.

Thank you for your support, and I'll check your video out.
04/05/2014 3:26 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Engineer
LupusRubrum avatar
09/23/2013 10:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Deviljho avatar
Sweet, Have A Diamond!
08/24/2013 8:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Gabriel_Hook43 avatar
This Was A Brilliant Game And It Inspired Me To Make My Own. Have A Diamond! I Can't Wait For The Second One.
07/21/2013 11:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TASK57 avatar
hey darkens I noticed that you respond to almost all of the comments! so I have a pig question (you what I did there). I have all of the 9 blue rocks (lapis lazuli) now what do I do plz help!
07/23/2013 5:48 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
3Darkons avatar
Hah, punny. Well, I've been out of town all weekend, so sorry for the late response. What you are supposed to do is finish that quest in SkyWarn. You are supposed to fix the Lapis pillar in the back room. That's pretty much all I can tell you. It has been so long since I've gone over the full quest line. You finish that quest and fix the pillars, then you find out where Gashthor's tomb is to beat the game. (I hope this helped.) /.
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