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Nordic One Chunk Build


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How to find on server: /warp freebuild

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Devil of an Angel
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
I just finished this Nordic style hall for my applecraft server base/village, and I was so excited I had to share it now instead of waiting to recreate it in a world save. So here it is, I'll update with this project with a world save once I finish it sometime over the weekend.

Complete: Zip includes both world save and .nbt file separately. .nbt files are for use with new minecraft structure blocks. Can't figure out how to work the /tp command so I added the quardinates for anyone who wants to take a look in Applecraft.

16x16 one chunk build made mostly of spruce and dark oak, done completely in survival so survival safe World save has safe version using new magma blocks (I forget what they are actualy called).

The roast is the new Netherwart Blocks, and the cushins are using the armerstand trick. Includes a chest under the table.

Applecraft location quardnates: x -4632, y -4097

I use:
Minecraft 1.12.2
Optifine 1.12.2 HD U C2
16x16 Vader's Stacked Items Pack
16x16 Vader's Alternative Block Pack
Credit:Applecraft Server for being my first survival server to play on.
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #4 : 10/12/2017 11:08:15 pm10/12/17

Re-added quardnates in discription because they didn't save last time

Update #3 : 10/12/2017 1:08:50 pm10/12/17

Added the quardinates to find the structure in applecraft. Can't figure out how to get the teleport command the server uses to work

Update #2 : 10/08/2017 5:38:41 pm10/08/17

Added the .nbt file seperately in the zip so you can install either one. Remember to place .nbts in a saves structures file then use the in game structure block to load it. All structures load the left forward most corner (when facing the structure's front) one layer directly above the structure block. Preview load box to make sure it is facing the way you want it before loading

Update #1 : 10/06/2017 1:20:43 pm10/06/17

original applecraft version not survival safe,apparently server had firetick off, use the new magma blocks instead.

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