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Northern Dinges Mall

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avatar Unikitty1000
Level 25 : Expert Unicorn
Welcome to Northern Dinges Mall, a dying 1 level mall with 12/20 national chains left in the mall including Buckle, Zumiez, Torrid, and rue21.
You can lease your own business in the empty spaces and do not replace spaces that are taken by national chains.
You will not reupload this map, please message Unikitty1000 first
If you are going to use this map on YouTube, please have a PMC link to the project, my Facebook, and my Twitter, Facebook is imarodrick, and Twitter is newrodrickauttp
If you have any problems or questions, just comment on this map and Unikitty1000 will respond to you
Make sure you subscribe to Unikitty1000 and diamond this map for more mall projects, and please add this map to your mall playlist
If you haven't heard of these stores, most of these stores are from the United States of America, if you don't live in the US, just deal with it
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Update #1 : 06/16/2020 10:08:17 amJun 16th

thanks for enjoyed Northern Dinges Mall
there will be an update
  • all chains will be closed and it's a business only mall

06/19/2020 4:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
What are the anchor stores? Also, can we put other national chains in the mall?
06/20/2020 10:59 amhistory
Level 25 : Expert Unicorn
the anchor stores are Elder-Beerman and Dillard's, but they all closed in 2018 and 2019, and Northern Dinges Mall is rated yellow, it is not recommend that you add other national chains, but you are allowed to add national chains in yellow rated malls
06/22/2020 3:21 pm
Level 25 : Expert Unicorn
if you have not subscribed to Unikitty1000 Malls yet, please do so now because I will be making more of these, my malls will show up on your projects made by your subscriptions list, make sure you click on each of them :)
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