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Northwind - 8k x 8k custom map

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~ Northwind 8,192 x 8,192 custom map ~

I present today my latest project, a very large map made primarily to test new features and explore new possibilities.

The map is set in a cold northern region, on a very high latitude, where the summer thaws the snow in the lowlands, and winter is harsh.

Technical information :

Version of Minecraft : 1.16.5 (all 1.16 versions may work)
Biomes : Cold taigas, a large lake, plains, prairies, plateaux, and mountains.
Dimensions : 8,192 x 9,192
Vanilla-friendly : Yes, it also has caves and ores !

Q&A :

Q : How did you take those screenshots ? What shaders ?
A : They're not in-game screenshots, those are rendered frames made using Chunky.

Q : Where is the map download button ?
A : Sorry, I'm not sure I will make a download link for that map. The save file is pretty big.

Q : How did you make the map ?
A : I first used Gaea to make the heightmap, then finished the map with WorldPainter.

Q : Did you make the trees yourself ?
A : I did not feel like making them myself, so I borrowed them from our lord and saviour lentebriesje, here is the link to his PMC project : Custom Tree Repository Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com).
Progress100% complete

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