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Note Block Song Maker V2 (Also for MAC!)

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Level 22 : Expert Network
Hey guys, 
I wanted to make my own note block song. I tried in MC, but that didn't really work.
So, I decided to search a program so I could easily create a note block song.
The only thing is, its only for Windows... -_-
So I thought, Why don't I make a note block song creator myself? (For mac of course)
Programming is a bit too hard for me, (Well at least I tried) So I decided to make it in Minecraft!
So here it is: Download Note Block World V2

The only thing I couldn't get to work, is the glass. Because I used redstone torches to power the note block, the redstone torch doesn't carries his signal throught the glass... If you have an idea how to solve it, please comment it :D 
And if you find any bugs, please comment! I can use your feedback to make the map better.

This map was originaly made for HMC Network.
The website and YouTube link for HMC Network are on my profile.
Progress95% complete

04/30/2018 9:19 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
can you make the signal go under?
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