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Otherworld: Minecraft

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Caveguy22 avatar Caveguy22
Level 33 : Artisan Scribe
An ambitious project sort of based on my own little world / book series i've titled Otherworld. This iteration or spinoff of the main lore will not be entirely truthful to the story. It will cover a map with a radius of around 2000 x 2000 but with Nether travel incorporated as a means of getting around faster. I'm often bothered by the linearity that modern maps have and me being the beta player i am, often relate to maps/mods such as adventurecraft (Zelda mod) and all those adventure maps that kinda just felt like you were exploring someone elses "life" in a sense. It is preferred you switch to survival after joining.

This is my first ever project that i will be publicly releasing to the world.
Upcoming, existant & unfinished builds:
-Town & houses
-Custom terrain.
-Huge structures.
-Small villages.
-Castles And Kingdoms.
-The most unneedingly complex Redstone Machinery.
-World generation ranging from Old beta 1.2, 1.9 and 1.14
And more to come!

Any ideas?
Post them in the comments

[​26/06/2019] Work continues after three years of stagnation (Map Version 1.0)
[​27/06/2019] New Huge Cavern Project, New Tunnel Project,New Docks Project, (Map Updated to Ver 1.1)
[​28/06/2019] New Railway Station Project , more work on cave, mysterious tunnels (Map updated to ver 1.2)
[​30/06/2019] Added two new overhanging bridges, more mysterious tunnels ,vines and landscaping.
[​27/06/2020] Introduced the glory of the 1.16 update to Otherworld! With two mysterious portals showing up near the town of Kloruuna, the citizens have grown weary but decided to secure their home to settle inside the nether to avoid any future conflict with the Piglin population, Tensions arose however when a group of settlers set home in an old Bastion Remnant and restored it to its former glory. The Piglins are since then angered at the invading humans and will do anything in their way to reduce them to ash. The humans did however manage to seek safe refuge above the nether where no natives dare set foot.
[​23/06/2020] Added many minor improvements along with more houses, walls, people, lore and decorative landmarks among other things.
[​18/03/2021] In the past year the map has gone through a major facelift such as adding new terrain, buildings, decorations, npcs, dungeons and more. Some of the more major builds that were completed in 2020 are: Most of the terrain, Eldeflang Manor, Matahari Mansion and the Stoneworking factory. Several large builds such as the mines of Kloruuna, Soolgaard along with many dungeons are in the works.
Progress30% complete

13 Update Logs

08 Apr 2021 : 04/08/2021 2:40:47 pmApr 8th

-Decorated several empty buildings
-Added more lamps
-Added more roads
-Named several places
-Added a new town near the jungle
-Added new terrain
-Tons of minor additions & changes
-Added a new mini dungeon
-Added new lore
-Added new quests
-Added more vegetation to empty areas
-Added a new bridge with a smaller house next to it
-Bunch of poop i can't remember

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03/08/2021 2:01 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Professor
DaniBuilds avatar
You had my interest, now you have my attention!
01/23/2021 11:39 pmhistory
Level 5 : Apprentice Princess
Ember1654 avatar
just explored a lot of the map and I'm very impressed with that underground rail/mine areas. That took a good hour to find an exit lol. Well done! Can't wait to see whats next

EDIT: 10th time falling for the fire trap
Title of Expandable Spoiler
in the church

-_- Still an awesome map!
02/13/2021 8:02 am
Level 33 : Artisan Scribe
Caveguy22 avatar
Oh hi didn't notice anyone had commented, thank you ^^
The funny thing about the rail/ mine area is that its not even finished haha. So next time you might get stuck down there for...ever ;)
Love me some traps hehe. I'm unsure of what exactly to work on next but there'll be a major update before summer :)
Thanks for taking the time to explore! :)
01/12/2021 9:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
redDReam avatar
looks good
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