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Nuremberg 1950 (miniature)

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Nuernberg, Die Stadt Der Reichpateitage
This is a miniature version of the city of Nuremberg in the 1950s, had the axis won ww2. I don't support National Socialism and the symbols are there for historical accuracy only!

Rallies of the NSDAP began in 1923 in Munich until the party's ban after the failed beer hall putsch. However the ban was lifted and Hitler began his rallies in the late 20s when the Nuremberg's police tolerated it. There were also violent clashes between the National Socialists and Communists, which led to the Mayor, Dr Hermann Luppe banning it. After gaining power in 1933, the Mayor was arrested and replaced.The NSDAP began redeveloping the luitpold park and building stadiums. There were six rallies from 1933-1938, they were propaganda events to show the might and strength of the Third Reich. Each rally took place in September.

All Rally Mottos 1933-1939
1933: Rally of Victory - to celebrate Hitler become chancellor
1934: Rally of Unity - to unify German people and to overcome the Night Of The Long Knives
1935: Rally of Freedom - to celebrate breaking the Treaty Of Versailles and introducing the Race Laws
1936: Rally of Honour - to celebrate the re-militarisation of the Rhineland
1937: Rally of Labour - to celebrate the end of mass unemployment
1938: Rally of Greater Germany - to celebrate the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland
1939: Rally of Peace - cancelled due to the invasion of Poland

Day 1: The Fuehrer's arrival to the city. The Mayor and Gauleiter Of Franconia greet him. In the Opera House, Wagner's The Mastersingers Of Nuremberg is performed in the evening.
Day 2: The Hitler Youth salute Hitler outside his hotel, he then arrives to the congress hall and party members makes several speeches. Prizes are handed out in the Opera House
Day 3: The Reich Labour Service do exercise on the zeppelin field and march in the old town in the afternoon.
Day 4: Men and women do sports and gymnastics on the zeppelin field.
Day 5: Smaller Events with a mass assembly
Day 6: The Hitler Youth gather in the youth stadium
Day 7: The SA & SS gather in the Luitpold arena
Day 8: The Wehrmacht does parades with public displays of their vehicles, the party congress ends after this.

Rally Grounds
The sites that were already there before 1933 was a war memorial, youth stadium, and old congress hall. An arena around the war memorial was built and the interior of the congrss hall was changed. The Zeppelin field was built and had wooden tribunes and was later changed to fit the neo-classical type. A KDF stadt was also built near the site. A camp for paramilitary groups was located south of the park. There was also a lot of construction going on as more sites were planned such as the Deutsches Stadion, the marzfeld, the new congress hall (partially built and is now a tourist attraction), house of German culture, and some stations.

City Centre
The old town in the city walls was also to be renovated. A ring road was built around it and the buildings were made to look medieval. A favourite among the style of the NSDAP along with neo-classical and volkisch. Nuremberg was a tourist attraction and renovating it's old town would bring in even more people. Several hotels were built to accommodate visitors and NSDAP members. A square just outside the medieval downtown would have been built with a tower.

Construction of new facilities began to stop. Most Jews in the city were rounded up and sent to concentration camps during the Holocaust. Nuremberg also was heavily bombed in the war.

Nuremberg was occupied by America. The US army then began using many places. The tower that was mentioned earlier was built in a modern style. Many of the sites in Luitpold park are in ruins and some are gone, much sooner than Hitler anticipated. The youth stadium has been modernised while the facades of the zeppelin field have been destroyed. The unfinished new congress hall now has a documentation centre inside showing the city in the era of Hitler's Germany. Most buildings have been rebuilt to a simple modern style, however there are still medieval looking buildings there.
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