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Obsolescence by Gamemode 4: A CTM for Minecraft

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Level 46 : Master Mage

Obsolescence is an open world, co-op “Complete the Monument” map

The goal:

Bring together the pieces of an ancient rite to complete the magic ritual and restore natural balance in this strange world.

Obsolesence contains enough variety for all play styles. Want lore to unpack? You can explore tattered notes and the design of the world. Looking for a challenging puzzle? Tackle a dungeon! Have a desire to go caving and fight monsters? Try and find one of our large custom caves.

Obsolescence by Gamemode 4: A CTM for Minecraft Minecraft Map

More about the map

This map is a survival/adventure CTM! Parts of this map are in adventure mode, and parts will require you to explore the world. To learn more!

This map has: Dungeons to Explore; Survival to Play; Puzzles to solve; Learn about the extra added datapacks.

This map also uses Gamemode 4! Gamemode 4 is a set of Survival Datapacks that can be downloaded and used in your normal world. Designed to compliment vanilla, they expand and expand on where vanilla has left behind. Some examples:

Crossbow Catridges
Crossbow Cartridges

Fire potions, create tripwire lines for using Ziprails (another one of our modules!), fire pufferfish (yes pufferfish).

Zip Rails
Zip Rails

Board of ugly minecart tracks across your pretty vista? Use this module to make minecart rails run on trip wires and string! No more amazing view ruined.

This works amazingly with Crossbow Cartridges
Custom Enchanting (Metallurgy)

Custom "Enchants" or "Metallurgy"

We got board of enchantments! So we added some of our own! Blow up stone, get ore, melt them down and make some custom "Shamirs".

This one is called Animi and saves items when you die. A bit like soulbound for modded Minecraft but we don't talk about that! 🤭

That is what Gamemode 4 is about! We want to expand vanilla, without having to use mods! Obsolescence, the CTM, is about understanding our modules to progress and explore!

Help I am stuck!

There are a few places to get help!
  • Our Discord (https://gm4.co/discord); Go to the #obsolescence channel ask there
  • Check the Advancements! The design of the map is mysterious, but the advancements should help!
  • There are some visual clues at the main dungeon of the map to show what is left to do to progress!
  • Later in the map, an item is given that aides in finding things.
  • The Guidebook is a datapack that will update as you discover specific things about Gamemode 4!
  • Gamemode 4 has a wiki (https://wiki.gm4.co/wiki/); it is recommended to try use the in-game Guidebook, Advancements first!


Obsolescence is a Gamemode 4 project. It was created by Thanathor, BluePsychoRanger, ToffeeMax, MichaelMiner137, Bloo___, TheEpyonProjects, Kyrkis, JP12_, miraku_memo, Kruthers, SpecialBuilder32. Cover and logo art by miraku_memo.

Want to use our map in a video?

This map was created by the Gamemode 4 Team!

Gamemode 4 (https://gm4.co) make survival focused data packs for Minecraft.

The team behind this map were: Thanathor, Bloo_, BluePsychoRanger, ToffeeMax, SpecialBuilder32, MichaelMiner137, kruthers, miraku-memo, TheEpyonProject, JP12, kyrkis_

Art and Textures for this map was made by: miraku-memo and kyrkis

More information: https://gm4.co/obsolescence

Version: 1.17 Minecraft
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

v1.1: Resource Pack Update : 11/26/2021 6:15:18 pmNov 26th

This should fix a bug that was caused by an incorrect resource pack

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