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Old School RuneScape Remake - ***Inactive Project*** -> (TEMPORARY HIATUS | SORRY)

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8-16-2021 UPDATE:
Will be redoing some things, as school had really taken over everything for me...please expect an update on this project with hopefully some exciting news within 6 months -- not to say that this is going to be ready by then; just an update with news regarding the project...might involve opening up access to others to help build rather than closing off? Maybe upload source files for download? Who knows

*PRECURSOR: I posted this to Reddit as well, and for convenience, I might re-post some of what I said because it sums it up pretty well. I also wanted to share it on here so more people could see it and hopefully be excited for it :)*


What Is This?

I am working on a recreation of Old School Runescape that I hope to include every detail and functional part of the real game as a Minecraft world map for everyone to download eventually/maybe a server if I can put everything together for that correctly. I am the only one working on this right now (at-least the one I have been creating specifically, there may be others working on other versions of a similar thing though).


Old Update:

I've been making some progress slowly when I can. I think its slowly turning out the way I want it to. The biggest thing I've been struggling with is the icons, because I wasn't sure if I should leave them or not. I decided that they're best left out for now but in the future, I might add them again.


The Map:

The uploader/website I used for this is EasyZoom, because it was free (I don't want to pay to upload an image lol), also its kinda like G-Maps, where I can add pins, comments, and you can zoom in (to some extent) and view the map freely :D Sorry if it's not perfect, this is a very large image, and it does not play well with others (being image hosting websites...Imgur especially...it would just keep cycling through the upload process redoing everything...)


The Creation:

In total it took around 40ish hours to create the entire thing, to the point that I can actually jump in game now and do stuff. I accomplished this by firstly, finding a high quality/large to scale Old School Runescape map (previously used a RS2 map the was kinda messed up and took around 20ish hours to do), then I processed it though an application called SpriteCraft (all credits to the creators, and thanks to them this was possible), it turned the image into a schematic, I had previously used schematica and world edit to try and paste the schematic in (which world edit was actually useful because I had to rotate and resave the schematic in order to get it to save pointing the north like the real thing), but it either took too long or didn't work correctly, sooooo I figured I'd try MCEdit, which I used to paste the schematic in to my game. It took a loooooong time to do all this, but now I'm finally in-game and starting to work on it in my free time! :D


Some Q&A Stuffs:

Q: So why now?

A: I just felt in the mood, I tried this a while back with a different version of the game map but I scrapped it because I didn't implement it into my world correctly and felt overwhelmed.

Q: Am I still overwhelmed?

A: Absolutely! But I would still love to see this come to life and hopefully a server, but if I have to settle for a world download for all to enjoy, then so be it!

Q: How long will this take?

A: Well, doing all the buildings, NPCs, minigames, bosses, quests, general Minecraft optimization/modifications, etc....going to be a while...I'm honestly thinking a year or two at least. I would LOVE to get help from people who want to work on this to speed up the process, but I also worry about griefers and trolls.

Q: Will this cost anything? World download or server?

A: Absolutely not. Honestly I think that would be ridiculous, secondly I don't think I even could, thirdly...why even? lol. Also I've never used Patreon before and I would feel like garbage taking donations from anyone, no matter how much or hard I work on this. Maybe if people really wanted to then maybe I would, and I would sincerely appreciate it, but for right now I just want to make something that I love and think a lot of people would too!! :D Making people happy is all that matters to me :)

Q: Didn't I see this already?

A: I have seen some people attempt this before, but most/if not all projects were done by scratch, which I commend those people for doing but that would take literal lifetimes with just one or a few people. I have the base layer of the entire world down (granted no dungeon maps yet but lets start off crawling instead of like a rocket shall we?) so I'm hoping this will come together and be finished someday. I posted this earlier this week to Reddit (don't make too much fun of me for being a nooby Redditor but I skrewed up royally with my posting and the image preview wouldn't even load up lol...), this (hopefully) will be a new post to Reddit, in a much better to understand format, that hopefully people will see. My original post wasn't popular, which I understand but hopefully people can spread the world about this to have something to look forward to :D

Q: Did someone ask me all of these questions?

A: Nope! I just thought I could come up with some questions/some random things to address because it would be easier.


Interactive World Map Link!

CreditJagex, JourneyMap, MCEdit, Spritecraft, FlakGuy :D
Progress0% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 JULY 1, 2019 UPDATE : by FlakGuy 07/01/2019 8:55:54 amJul 1st, 2019

Hi, I know it's been a while since any kind of update but I was working hard on the project and eventually my hard drive fried! So now I am starting over again, which isn't great!.....However I realized that after restarting, the original map template I was using wasn't the best I could use and it was also a little bit bigger than I feel like it should've been. It just didn't feel completely like a 1-1 ratio....almost like a 2-1 ratio or 3-1 so I've been tweaking it and I feel like its been much better with each attempt!

I've updated the world map image that I'm using. Since I spent nearly a day just searching for an osrs map without icons to make my life a million times easier and turned up with nothing, I decided to just deal with the icons and do some map editing instead. I've replaced the black spots with water, and patched up the desert so it doesn't look awful with it just stopping at a black spot. So I have no idea as to who created the map that I pulled the desert from, but if you made it, let me know so I can credit you! The massive part in the bottom left (currently ocean) will be great to either leave as is, or use for new mini game lands, or player owned house plots!

One last thing! I thought about restarting this on 1.14.3 since that's the current latest update and I really liked the new content it has and thought of many clever ways to implement it into this project....however mcedit isn't working with anything past 1.12.2 as far as I've learned. So, I will be sticking to 1.12.2 at the moment and continue working on this. I'm really sorry about the delay but I've upgraded my hard drive and now have a seperate drive for backups so this shouldn't happen again....unless my entire computer catches fire!! lol

(I haven't changed much if any really of the content in the rest of this post because its all still relevant and gives information as to what I'm doing. As for pictures, I will replace them as I make progress and add new ones as well! If I've missed anything and you want me to change it, then please let me know!)

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This looks interesting, keep it up!
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