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One-Block Survival v0.1.0

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Bedrock Edition
flexibleheart41's Avatar flexibleheart41
Level 26 : Expert Architect
One-Block Survival Map with updated 1.19 blocks!

The goal of this map is to challenge the player to use the limited One-Block to be as creative as possible.

While some One-Block maps only include the blocks needed to beat the game, this map makes it possible to craft and collect nearly every item in the game.

Hopefully you will get many hours of enjoyment from this map!

By: Flexible Heart

This is the first One-Block map I have released to the public.

All of essential blocks to progress and complete the game are in the "rotation" of the One-Block.

Both the Overworld and Nether have a One-Block, each with their respective loot tables.

The Overworld is infinitely void, while the Nether has a substantial amount of void with a roof to allow mob spawning.

The End remains unchanged.

Achievements are enabled in this world, and there is a Day counter for those who enjoy seeing how long they've survived.

This map is multiplayer friendly.

You will spawn in a hub where you can pick game settings, choose the difficulty, and pickup a challenge book.

Since you spawn in survival mode, you can break out of the hub but doing so may damage the map, so I suggest refraining from that.

The hub is where the journey will start, but you cannot return so choose your settings wisely...

If you are looking for a fresh One-Block map, this is the map for you!

World settings are unlocked so you can choose to add data/resource packs!

Download the .mcworld and open it.

The game should seamlessly install it.

World settings are unlocked so you can choose to add data/resource packs!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #0.1.1 : by flexibleheart41 07/31/2022 1:13:14 amJul 31st, 2022

##Based on feedback regarding Copper not generating from the Overworld One-Block:
- Copper Ore and Raw Copper Ore Blocks now generate properly
- If you have already started a world on the previous version and would like to not restart, see Appendix A

##Added Cobwebs into the Overworld One-Block loot table

##Made the Prismarine variants more common in the Overworld One-Block

##Based on feedback regarding uploading this world to Realms:
- Occasionally realms will turn the gamerule command feedback ON, which spams chat and is an annoyance
- I have added a repeating command block which should combat this issue

Appendix A:

1. Activate cheats in settings
2. Enter " /setblock 1000017 64 1000008 raw_copper_block " without the quotations
3. Enter " /setblock 1000017 64 1000007 copper_ore " without the quotations
4. Deactivate cheats in settings
5. Using a Minecraft data or nbt editor, set the value "hasbeenloadedincreative" to 0 (zero) in the world data
- - If step 5 is confusing, a YouTube search for: "How to reenable achievements on Minecraft Bedrock" should yield results necessary to explain better than I can here...

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07/31/2022 1:19 am
Level 26 : Expert Architect
flexibleheart41's Avatar
Patch v0.1.1 has been released.

Thanks to everyone who has been active on reddit and let me know some problems early on!

Please drop a comment with suggestions or any issues you run into and I'll make sure to address it.

-Flexible Heart