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One Chunk Iron Farm

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avatar Redfuzzyturtle
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Hey guys! This is a project that I started in 1.15, but then 1.16 came out so I never 100% finished it. Basically, its 3 different farms, Pumpkin, Sweet Berries, and Iron, each of them fit into exactly 1 chunk.

The sweet berry and pumpkin farms are pretty widely used designs, nothing special about them, I just sized them so that they would fit in one chunk.

The iron farm, on the other hand, is designed by me. It fits in exactly one chunk, making it much smaller than many iron farms, but it can achieve maximum rates of 1440 iron per hour, or 22.5 stacks per hour. There might be other iron farms similar to this one, and there are many that are more efficient, but I have yet to find an iron farm that is able to achieve these rates in such a small space.

The main focus of this build is the iron farm, and the other farms are built around the iron farm to show how they could be built together with the iron farm, since pumpkins and sweet berries are commonly used along side iron to trade for emeralds. There are villagers on the roof as well for the same reason.

This map is somewhat incomplete, but I marked it as 100% complete because I probably won't work on it again. It only has 3 farms, and it was mostly just something i made for fun. Comment if you think I should make a more complete version in 1.16 that has more farms including new 1.16 farms!

Creds to Docm77, ilmango, and several other YouTubers that I can't think of for giving me the knowledge required to build this.

also I think the pumpkin farm might be an Ilmango design. Not sure though.
Progress100% complete
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