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Level 16 : Journeyman Blacksmith
one chunk is a survival maps that dares you to push your minecraft knowledge and skill to the test
as the last map i have some goals for you+i hid a bunch of secrets

1.make a stander mob farm
2.light up all the caves
3.enter the nether using the 4 lava dunno how search it up
4.get 2 villagers
5.get full diamond tools and gear
6.make a farm of every crop
7. make a gold farm
8. make a hoglin farm
9. make a iron farm
10.make a cow,sheep,chicken farm
11.kill the wither
and the last one which is the hardest but possible
12.make a full set of netherite gear and a sword and pickaxe

best of luck and hopefully enjoy the map

also if this map reaches 250 downloads i will make a sky village survival world
Creditme myself and I
Progress100% complete

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