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Orc Great Hall WCII

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The great hall serves many purposes, such as being the gathering place and command center, for most Orcish settlements. Unfit for battle, the lowly Peons are trained here to perform the menial tasks of construction, repair and harvesting. This is also where vital raw materials are gathered to be processed and then distributed. The Great Hall is always a source of fevered activity as the laboring Peons work to please their overseers. When settlements achieve greater prosperity and require stronger defenses, the Great Hall can be reinforced to become a Stronghold. (From WoW Wiki & the WCII Manual)

Notes: The Building is mostly un-decorated inside and as a few lighting issues inside that I have yet to squash in an visually pleasing way. So bear that in mind if using in Survival.

Also I've cut it out of the terrain to allow it to be placed in any biome with minimal editing.

Texture Pack is Llithos - 32x
Progress80% complete
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