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In General

At the Out of This World Theme Park, we hope that you enjoy your experience and what you take away is truly epic! At OOT World, it is impossible to get bored. OOT World offers roller coasters, restaurants, shops, water rides, beaches, pools, games, puzzles, and so much more. With over 150 attractions, OOT World is absolutely the best amusment park in minecraft!


OOT World is divided into five sectors: Gates Sector, Water World, Shops Sector, Bridge Path, and Seashell Sector. Each sector has something different to offer. In the Gates Sector, the entrance to the park can be found as well as many games, roller coasters, and other amusements. The Water Word Sector contains most of the parks water rides and pools. After all of those roller coasters, Water World is a great place to go have fun! The Shops Sector is filled with shops such as Bigtime Burgers, Ice cream Dreams, The Banner Barn, and so much more. The Bridge Path Sector is located in the area where the great bridge connects the two sides of the park. Within the bridge Path Sector, The Creeper Lookout is a must see. The Seashell Sector is located around Seashell Beach. Attractions around the Seashell Sector include the haunted house, Dino Land, and Challengers Arcade.


To help make your experience more memorable, we suggest making use of the many services offered within OOT World.

-       Sunshine Daycare: The daycare is located in the Seashell Sector and offers free childcare services while you and your friends or family enjoy the park.

-       Subway System: The subway stations are located within the different sectors of the park and allow quick transportation between areas. The stations are identifiable through the blue and green exterior and rails on the roof.

-       Public Telephones: Public telephones are located throughout OOT world and are free of charge while you enjoy the park.

-       First Aid Centers: There are three first aid centers within the park. Our trained professionals will treat injuries needing first aid care. If immediate medical care is needed, we advise that you contact first aid using the OOT public telephones with the number 007-123. First aid centers offer free wheel chairs and crutches as well.

-       Restrooms: Restrooms are located throughout the park and are identifiable with the orange walls and grey roof. Women’s, Men’s, Family, and Handicap washrooms are available.

-       Lost Children: Children under the age of 6 who are not under the care of a parent or guardian will be escorted to the nearest first aid center. A staff member will notify the parent/s or guardian/s.

 Shops and Restaraunts

Shops and restaurants at OOT World offer everything you could ever need. We offer gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, soy free, and nut free options. OOT World does not permit outside food and beverages for safety reasons, but provides more options for your inner foodie than you could ever ask for. If your looking for a quick bite, the Pizza Palace, Bigtime Burgers, and OOT’s Fried Chicken are all highly recommended. If you wish to eat at a more upscale venue, options include The Dock (premium seafood) and King Chad’s Kitchen. For kids and kids at heart, we suggest King Candy’s Castle and our many Slushie Stands. Shops include The Handy Dandy Book Nook and the Kooky Kid Toy Shop. Souvenirs are available all over the park.

Roller Coasters

OOT World Features over Thirty awesome “WEEEE” inducing coasters. Some of our best include: The Solar Flare, The Monster, The Cave Diver, and The Wrath of the Lava Lord. Children under the age of four are advised not to ride roller coasters, but instead have a blast on the kiddie rides. If you’re looking for a gentler ride, The Comet and The Tidal Wave are good options. For the true thrill seeker, The Drop and The Fire Ball and their extreme thrill factor will satisfy you. Whatever you look for in a roller coaster, we have it.

Water Rides

Twenty-five Water Rides can be found throughout the park, but most are centered into the water world sector. Our most epic water rides include: The Scorpions Tail, The Anaconda, The Serpents Tongue, and Insano. Kids can enjoy the wonders of water world too! Kids water rides include The Flush, Little Dino, and The Aqua Fun Zone. Looking to challenge your friends or family? The three racing slides allow you to race to see who gets down first. Bumper Boats and The Golden River are popular choices. No matter how you choose to have water filled fun, you will enjoy it.

Kiddie Rides

OOT World offers ten different attractions tailored specifically for young children. Rides include: The Bumble Bee, Zippy Zoom, Bubbly Boo, Rainbownia, Bouncy Castle, Astro’s Joyride, The Playground, Lumberjack Landing, Under the Christmas Tree, and Snakes And Ladders. Kiddie rides have 3 play structures and 6 small roller coasters. Kiddie Rides are suggested for children under the age for 8, but are available for all ages.


OOT World has an abundance of super fun games to play. Games include Paintball, Connect 4, Mini Putt, and Parkour. Game tents are set up throughout the park with classic theme park games, such as Ring Toss and eating contests. Single and multi player games are available.


Almost 20 different attractions are available for your enjoyment. Tired? Watch a show at the beach stage for performing arts center. Just ate and don’t want to go on a roller coaster just yet? Explore Dino Land or pet some Farm Animals. Still wet from Water World and cant yet go on the rides? Get a balloon animal made or watch a circus show. Just seeking adventure? Take a hot air balloon ride or enter the haunted house (if you dare).

Camp Ootie

Camp Ootie provides a one of a kind summer camp experience. Incorporating the elements normally associated with traditional summer camp with an all day amusement park experience makes this camp out of this world! Campers sleep in cabins in a small wooded area and have campfires and eat in a larger wooden cabin. Camp Ootie includes a camp-only ropes course and a swimming pond. Camps run every week of summer, lasting one week each. Camp Ootie is created for children between the ages of eight and fourteen. For most of the day (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.), Kids from Camp Ootie explore the theme park with specially trained instructors and can skip lines. For the later part of the day, children perform normal camp activities such as rope climbing, swimming, and marshmallow roasting. For every 10 kids,there is one instructor. Oots (Camp Ootie kids) will be escorted to first aid centers, washrooms, or back to camp if needed. Overall, Camp Ootie is the ideal summer camp and is an experience of its own kind.

In Closing

The Out Of This World Theme Park truly provides an experience like no other. OOT World is constantly alive with energy and excitement. It provides fun for the whole family. In OOT World, it is impossible to get bored. With shows, events, roller coasters, water rides, games, and many other attractions, OOT World is simply the best amusement park in Minecraft.

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What Version Is It For
03/24/2017 11:57 am
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Me and my sister LOVED this map and our favorite ride was the Escalator, but we hated the fact that it had no unicorns! XD
05/08/2015 5:57 pm
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This is some really impressive work!  Nice job, buddy!  ;)
05/07/2015 5:11 pm
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Map looks awesome!
Wow you went all the way with the description and info about what is in the map.
I see a future theme park CEO in you. XD
05/07/2015 4:57 pm
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looks like a nice map bro keep it up :)
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