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Owari: Underworld -- Semi-Horrorsque Minecraft Adventure Map

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avatar HappyMatt12345
Level 1 : New Explorer
I have been working on this for a few months now, I'm taking time to make sure this map is good and you will have a fun experience playing this map. Official Demo out now! Map progress is being delayed as I am currently having to go through and redo all the redstone to make it all more professional... I apologize for the inconvenience.

-----Map Info----

A semi-Horrorsque minecraft map built entirely by hand as a personal challenge (Partly why its taking so freaking long) And Using lots of command blocks to create an immersive environment. Players should expect a darkened environment and lots of intense moments, NO WEAPONS WILL BE GIVEN AND THE MOBS WILL BE INVINCIBLE, Fighting will be pointless so.. I reccomend against it. This map comes with a custom texture pack, the map will work fine without it but some areas may look strange as the pack is made to add to the environment not to make it all look cooler.


You wake alone, in a place you do not recognize. You are trapped in a steel barred cell, and your only option of escape is a hole in the side leading into another cell. You don't remember going there and it feels to real to be a dream. can you find a way out?
Progress10% complete

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