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Pallet Town on the Big Sister Server

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    The Big Sister Server
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    Last updated 06/15/19
    Posted 05/19/2019
    by ScarySpookster
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.13
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    Minecraft Server

How to find on server: Pallet Town can be reached by a teleport on the first basement floor of the transit hub at spawn.

avatar bryceio
Level 3 : Apprentice Mage
  Pallet Town is the first town I built on the Big Sister server circa early 2015. It has slowly been improved over the years since its founding. It is one of the more simple towns on the server, and was intended to be just a starting point for players to set off on their own paths. It is also where I spend most of my time on the server, or at least in my base underneath the town.

City Hall:

  The Pallet Town City Hall (the large wooden and cobblestone building in the first picture) was the first building built in the town. It originally served as my house, but was refurbished in late 2017 to serve as the council chamber and courthouse for the newly formed city government. The city government consists of the mayor, assistant mayor, secretary of construction, secretary of history, and chief judge.

Pallet Town Library and Museum:

 The Pallet Town Library and Museum houses many items from the history of the server and Minecraft. It's design is based on my town's library in real life. It is one of the biggest buildings I have ever built in Minecraft. It even contains some rare items/mobs provided by the server owner. Most of its contents are from the server's past and are not easy to come across today.

Pallet Town Inn:
  The Pallet Town Inn was my attempt at building a building that looked better than a lot of the old houses. It contains four rooms that can be rented for cheap so that players who can't afford to buy/build a house are able to have a place to stay while they get their footing in the server.
Creditbryceio, builderfish8
Progress100% complete

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