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Parkour / Puzzle - The ultimate challenge

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RemiBlock avatar RemiBlock
Level 11 : Journeyman Cookie
Version : 1.16.3
Category : Parkour / puzzle
Name : Parkour / Puzzle - the ultimate challenge
By : RemiBlock and J_AyAres_S

Hi everyone !
This is me again.
Here's my new parkour/puzzle map, that is probably gonna blow your mind.
16 levels, 11 of parkour and 5 of puzzle.
This map contains all sort of puzzle and parkour. So prepare yourself for find the button, maze, shulker jump, fences, ladders, invisible blocks, magma, ice, cavern, forest, desert, ocean, image memorizing, logic, ...
All in one map !

There is a soluce book at the spawn in case you're stuck, although I haven't put the soluce for the first puzzle (the spawn). You just have to press once the start button ; it'll open a passage.

My english might not be so good, as french is my main language. So be nice with me !
If you don't spawn at the right place, if a teleportation don't work or wathever else, tell-me about it in the comment section.

Thanks a lot to my friend J_AyAres_S, a genius in redstone and command blocks, without whom I would never have posted it.
Finally, thank you if you downloaded the map, and consider subscribing for more.

(sorry for the long description)
Enjoy :)
Progress100% complete

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