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Parliment house Adelaide, SA, Australia

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Why i built this:
the reason i built this is because i wanted to get some Australian builds onto PMC (Planet Minecraft) and i was tired of seeing lots of projects based/set around american cities/buildings. also this building is special to me because in year/grade 7, my school got the privilege to enter the building and see the inside. so yeah, this building means a lot to me. and i hope you guys enjoy the building too, have fun looking around :) NOTE: this building does not have an interior because i couldn't find an image that would show me the interior plus, i'm too lazy to do it so yeah

‘New’ Parliament House is historically significant as the home of the South Australian House of Assembly since 1889 and the Legislative Council since 1939. The building was also the venue for the intercolonial Postal and Telegraph Conference of May 1890 and the Australasian Federal Convention of 1897, which was the first of three conventions working to finalise an Australian constitution for a federation of the colonies.

Burgeoning local pride and assertiveness are evident in its design and use of South Australian building materials. Construction commenced at the height of an era when substantial public buildings were being erected in dressed stone – in this case the stone was predominantly marble. Parliament House is striking on all four sides. Even the rear of the building, with its elegant balcony, rises impressively over the Adelaide Festival Centre below. Its architectural significance has been preserved by the absence of external alterations (Marsden, Stark & Sumerling, p247).

But Parliament House has not always been an imposing feature of the city. Between the completion of the West Wing in 1889 and opening of the East Wing in 1939 war and limited finances meant that it stood unfinished, and unsightly, for 50 years.

Members started to complain about the cramped, airless conditions of Old Parliament House soon after the 1855 building was finished. In 1864 a parliamentary select committee recommended that designs for new buildings be called for and that they be located on vacant land between the existing premises and King William Street (then City Bridge Road). However, design tenders were not called until 11 December 1873.

The successful design, submitted by architects Edmund Wright and Lloyd Tayler, shows the influence of the Leeds Town Hall (completed 1858) on public architecture at this time. The proposed building was Victorian Academic Classical in style with a large central portico supported by Corinthian columns. An ornate tower, topped with a dome, rose high above the portico. Smaller side towers were located above columned projections at each end of the front of the building. While Wright and Tayler’s design was generally well received, it was beyond the financial resources of the colony. Parliament determined to modify and extend existing facilities instead.

Even so, debate about the most appropriate site for a new building continued. Some argued that the land on the corner of North Terrace and King William Street was required for railway expansion. Four alternate sites were suggested: two on the west side of Victoria Square, Government House land west of the Institute Building on North Terrace and the site of the Jervois Building (now the Mortlock Wing of the State Library). In 1877 an Act was passed authorising the annexation of parklands on the corner of North Terrace and King William Street. This decision was confirmed in 1879, but construction stalled.

Link to the texture pack that i used: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/greenfield---new-life-size-city-project/
source of the history: http://sahistoryhub.com.au/places/parliament-house

Greenfield for the texture pack.
The original architects for the design of the building
And Chunky for the renders (Chunky is a rendering program)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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08/06/2022 5:59 am
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quidscame's Avatar
my friend's mum used to work there a while back! we used to go there a lot during school excursions.
09/20/2017 4:56 am
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billoxiiboy's Avatar
Thanks Blax! I live back in Melbourne now, but spent my childhood & teenage years in Adelaide. The Parliament House brings back such memories. Please do Adelaide Train Station!!!! I miss that beautiful building :)
08/08/2017 11:34 pm
Level 47 : Master Architect
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what Australian building should i build next?
(A) Adelaide railway station
(b) 1 King William street
(c) Melbourne library