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Pathos City (The Hologram City) 1.19.2

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Level 4 : Apprentice Architect

Welcome to Pathos City, a sprawling metropolis ripe with new opportunities. Explore the two opposing sides of town, the clean residential (Red team) side and the dirty industrial (Blue team) side. This map was inspired by _BOBE's Capture the Flag datapack and was designed to be optimal for a 5v5.

Getting Started

This map can be used however you want. If you just need inspiration, ideas, elements for your own map, it is all free to use. If you include the map in a youtube video please share the link to this page so others can enjoy too!

Once you download the map you will need to visit _BOBE's Planet Minecraft page here to download his datapack.


I recommend using the following settings for the best experience:
  Use vanilla textures
  /Gamerule DoDaylightCycle false
  /Time set 18000
  /gamerule doWeatherCycle false
  clouds off
For the capture the flag datapack I recommend these settings
  Gamemode: ADVENTURE
  World Border: NONE
  Daylight Cycle: NO
  Time set: NIGHT
  See nameplates: [​your choice]
  Drop Items: [​your choice]
  Allow mob spawning: NO
  Compass: [​your choice]
  Gear: [​your choice]
  Grace Period: [​your choice]
  Flag count: [​your choice]
  Select Teams: [​your choice]
  spawn prebuilt structures: NO

The lobby for the teams should be placed when you load the world. If for some reason it is not you can spawn it in the center of the observation deck of the central tower. MAKE SURE you are ONE BLOCK above the floor. The lobby will delete the floor if you are not.

There are Two locations for flags to be spawned on both sides of the map [​see images for locations]
If you have any questions I will be happy to help!

Any feedback you can provide will be very useful!
Credit_BOBE https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/_bobe/
Progress100% complete

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