Persian Mosque - مسجد فارسی - (Iran)

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مسجد فارسی
So i have this Iranian Miniature painting of a polo game in Isfahan, from the late 1800s or so hung up in my room (i have no idea where it came from, my family gave it to me) and so i decided yo create something similar in MC, I love how historically Iran makes their mosques with a heavy amount of Blues & domes & such-so i tried to replicate that style as best as i could with glazed terracotta & such.
What the painting looks like (its not the extact picture, but just imagine a smaller version of this painting)

What it looks like this today:

I used the Tartars/Cuman buildings from Age of Empires II, definitive edition (A historic videogame) as a reference, and these images :

Progress100% complete

02/21/2020 5:42 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
As someone who plans to build each AoE II building (like you should see when clicking on my profile) and have also made me some thoughts about the really nice central asian buildings. Well when I saw your building, I could see the AoE building and it's not bad, but on your building I could see the problem I've not found a solution for; the blue parts. It's not really bad but also not good - the blue; especially the mosaik blocks are too much for Minecraft. I think you should try to change some of the block to normal Sandstone.
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