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Personal Sized Nether Castle

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a3person's Avatar a3person
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Hi, I built a nether castle in "the nether". The nether is a TerrainControl biome I've been working on and its not done because of the lack of glowstone & schtuff...Interior not done 'cause I suck at interior design.

A dark elf was banished to the Nether for the rest of his life for treason against the king. He surely wasn't going to survive without building himself shelter and staying away from the monsters. He was an architect and knew how to use & process resources around him and so with that skill he decided to transform an island in the middle of the lava ocean to his new home. That spot was great at keeping away the dangerous mobs, with the exception of the ghast so he built fortified walls that could take a blast. He also harvests the netherwart growing around the castle & cook it for his food. His design worked exceptionally well and he lived there for a long time. Eventually some more banished ones lived with him and set up a market to trade food, although another being was a rare find, the market was somewhat successful. The dark elf thus lived somewhat happily ever after...

Resource Pack used - DokuCraft light
Progress90% complete

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07/08/2014 4:19 am
Level 41 : Master Zombie
CaptainCarlo's Avatar
This looks outstanding!
07/08/2014 7:37 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
a3person's Avatar
Thanks, I'm glad people actually like it
06/30/2014 8:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
daniel4000o's Avatar
Good job
06/30/2014 11:46 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
a3person's Avatar