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Nether City-ReAnimated *FINISHED**DOWNLOAD*

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avatar CreeperPolski
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Hi guys :)
So a while back i made a few structures for the nether hoping to create a big hellish city:)
unfourtunatelly i lost all the data for it when my hard drive broke :(
but i finally fixed my old hard drive and recovered the data from it (most of it anyway)
and now i am continuing with the nether city

Guys you may have seen these structures on MuffinLiberal's account,
I am muffinliberal its just that i deleted my old account and got this new one :)
So dont report me or this project for stealing my own work :P

POPULATION : 105 (Including prisoners, i got the population by counting the amount of beds )

Whats in the city?
Medium House
Small House
Mr.PolskiCreeper house
Mage tower
Food Store-also a farm with water, the water was a gift from the alchemist xD
Alchemist cave-He has water.. he is an alchemist! he can do magic with materials!

Give me some diamonds!
I will put up a download link when im done - iM DONE xD
CreditEverything: Me Game:Notch
Progress100% complete

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Awesome job I always wanted to see this xP
thanks :D
ddiamond for you creeperpolski
thanks man, how did you find this anyway? its quite an old project
i just search citadel
Oh ok, thanks anyway man ;)
no problem

hey can you subscribe to me and i gonna subscribe to you
Sorry friend, I only subscribe to people who make projects (nice ones), I dont do subscribe for subscribe, if you feel offended by that then you dont have to subscribe :)
Go to last page

there is 2 projects
Sorry man, one of them is just an island with a tree and the other is a village with steve and pixel art around it (excluding the lava pyramid and that tower thing), i ment that i only subscribe to quality builders and texture packers as i make my own skins.
no problem
diamond for you
thanks :)

1 - 13 of 13

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