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Level 3 : Apprentice Miner

If you're reading this, you probably want to learn a bit about the map before downloading and playing it. This'll basically just be some talk about the recipes and answering some questions before they flood the replies (real).

What did you add?

This Map (with the datapack) removes all of Minecraft's advancements, and instead adds over 69 custom advancements! This map also has over 75 custom recipes with more to come as this map gets updated (don't worry, you wont lose progress during an update).

Why can't I craft ___?

Some recipes have had to be removed due to them simply not fitting in with the rest of the map. 1 item that is impossible to craft as of releasing the map is the Soul Campfire, since the Iron Campfire has a significantly different recipe.

Alternatively there may be a bug in one of the files, if you believe a recipe simply isn't working, please create a forum post in the discord server below:


Also some items may be fully unobtainable, if you would like them to be added, create a forum post in the discord too!

Do I need to use the texture pack?

You don't need to use it, though it is heavily recommended you do to get the best experience while playing. There are some item names that have been modified and some textures too.

How can I use this map/texture pack/datapack?

Feel free to use every single piece of this map in videos etc, however please give credit to me by linking this post somewhere in the description that isn't hidden by other walls of text. DO NOT distribute the datapack and/or texture pack as your own, the map is fine because it isn't hard to build on your own anyway.

How do I know the recipes?

By default, all recipes should be unlocked. If not, enable cheats and type the command /recipe give @p *. It should unlock all recipes.

Videos (Cause it'll totally happen):



Texture Pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nGfqOk1TPNNbMoPsFSSF_XuggeQt9Mrj/view?usp=sharing

Progress100% complete

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