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Pioneer-class Utility Starship (Complete with Interior) - Project Starfleet 2265 (*Project Renamed*)

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Completed using Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19.3

Important Note: Everything in the build is purely decoration or representation of the actual or supposed appearance, thus none of the objects or blocks functions the build.

Pioneer class Starship U.S.S. Myrmidon NCC-1501

The class was designed by the Starship Design Bureau as a small dedicated utility ship, able to take missions normally assigned to larger ships such as transport, assistance, and emergency response. The prototype of the class, U.S.S. Pioneer NCC-1500 was completed at San Francisco Fleet Yards before the mid 23rd Century. However, the class did not enter mass production because of its size limiting its mission profile. Despite that, the ships that were completed remained in active service until the 2270s when the Federation Starfleet decided to decommission the class in favor of larger, more capable starships like the Miranda class.

Technical Data

(Physical Arrangement)

The class has a similar design typical to almost every starship in the fleet. It consists of the Primary Saucer shaped Hull with an aft structure containing the shuttlebay. The Secondary Hull was located beneath the Primary Hull and houses the Deflector and Sensor control. Lastly the Warp Nacelles were connected to the Primary Hull by Pylons.

(Propulsion Systems)

Ships of this class had two Impulse Engines located on each side as the primary propulsion system while various maneuvering thrusters where located across the hull.

The Warp Nacelles were powered by the Warp Core and used for faster than light travel with the speed of Warp 6.

(Tactical Systems)

This class was lightly armed with only four phaser emitters, two projectile launch tubes, and ten photon torpedoes. Shields are deployed through emitter grids across the hull and powered by the Deflector Generator on the Secondary Hull.


The interior is cramped and consist only of ten decks. The Bridge design is standard for Starfleet ships with the Command Chair in the center, forward console for helm and navigation, more consoles on either side, and the viewscreen which is also a large window.

More rooms and sections are located across multiple decks which are accessible through hallways or the vertical turbolift. Some of the rooms include systems that power the ship and its components, rooms for various divisions and specializations, rooms for storing cargo and material, and rooms for the crew's comfort and health.

The shuttlebay can carry two shuttlecraft, these auxiliary vessels attached to the ship are used for transport and low level mission profiles.

In case of "abandon ship" order, there are 13x Personnel Size Life Pod Launchers with ten pods each that can be used as well as the Docking Port Modules which are also Lifeboats that can carry ten individuals.

General Characteristics:

Length = 120 blocks long (61 blocks Saucer Diameter)
Width = 61 blocks wide

- 150 Maximum Capacity
- Less than 100 crewmembers (standard)
- 14x Officers from Junior Lieutenant to Captain
- 136x Ensigns, Enlisted, & Passengers

- Warp 6 Maximum
- Warp 4.5 Cruising
- Warp 0.5 Impulse

- Twin Phaser Bank (Dorsal Saucer)
- Single Phaser Bank (Ventral Saucer)
- Single Phaser Bank (Dorsal Hangar)
- 2x Projectile Launch Tubes (Forward)

Auxiliary Craft = 2x Shuttlecraft Maximum

Decks = 10 (Other sources suggest 19 decks but I can't fit all of it in such a small dimension)

# Deck 1
- Bridge

# Deck 2
- Tactical Sensor Array & Auxiliary Fire Control
- Captain's Quarters and Briefing Room
- Computer Core
- Life Support & Environmental Control System
- Officer Quarters
- Lavatory

# Deck 2 and 3
- Main Engineering
- Matter / Antimatter Assembly Reactor
- Shuttle Bay Control

# Deck 3
- Dorsal Phaser Bank
- Sick Bay
- Doctor's Office
- Transporter Room
- Science Laboratory
- Simulation Room
- 2x Officer Quarters
- 5x Crew Quarters
- Lavatory

# Deck 3 and 4
- Starboard Engine Room
- Portside Engine Room

# Deck 4
- Ventral Phaser Bank
- 2x Docking Ports (also Escape Pods)
- Provisions Storage Room
- Light Cargo Storage
- Mess Hall and Bar
- Passengers / Guests Quarters
- Engineering Workshop & Fabrication
- 4x Crew Quarters
- Recreation Room
- Lavatory

# Deck 5
- Brig
- Heavy Cargo Bay
- 2x Crew Quarters with Armory

# Deck 6
- Torpedo Launch Bay

# Deck 7
- Crew Quarters
- Lavatory

# Deck 8
- Deflector Generator Room
- Sensor Array Control Room

# Deck 9
- Deflector Control Room

# Deck 10
- Shuttlebay
- Shuttlebay Door
- Aft Phaser Bank

# Multiple Decks
- Vertical Turbolift
- 13x Personnel Size Life Pod Launchers

- Pioneer Utility Cruiser from Star Trek Online. Designed by concept artist Hector Ortiz and modeled in the game by Thomas Marrone.
- Size came from various sources and downloadable files available on the Internet.

Hi there! My name is Crimist!

This build is part of my renamed project called "Project Starfleet 2265" where I build mid-23rd Century Starfleet Ships from across different Star Trek Media, from Canon to Non-canon. Note that the schematics are free for download and can only be used if you have LITEMATICA. I hope you will like this build.

You can also contact me on Discord: "Crimist#7427".

That's it and see you on my next build. Live long and prosper everyone! :)
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