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Pirate Flagship Onslaught - Working Air Warship w TNT Cannons

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The Onslaught was the flagship of the pirate Edward the Bloody. As his name implies, Edward was an extremely violent man that ruled through fear and brutality. He began his career with basic merchant sloops, modified with light weaponry. With these he had some limited success. However, his power increased immeasurably when, in 738 AED, he obtained the Line of Battle Ship HMA Kingly. The circumstances surrounding his capture of the ship are not well known, as Royal Navy records from the era are considered unreliable. One account describes the ship as being stolen while on patrol, however how a small pirate gang could manage to steal one of the most advanced warships of the day is difficult to imagine.

In any event, once the ship was in Edward the Bloody's hands, he immediately modified it to suit his needs and changed it's name to the Onslaught. Most notably, the blood-and-gore pattern was added to the ship. This highly recognizable insignia was meant to strike terror into the hearts of Edward's merchant prey, a job it excelled at. He soon became known for leaving gory reminders of his predations on destroyed merchant shipwrecks all across the Argean. 

  1. 5 heavy naval cannons port and starboard, for a total of 10 cannons. Each cannon shoots 2 TNT per volley - fired from the Gunnery Bridge, which sticks out on top of the envelope for better tactical awareness DO NOT FIRE WHILE MOVING 
  2. Forward and rear firing repeating guns which can be loaded with either fireballs or arrows 

You can see the Battleship in action towards the beginning of the attached video 

Use these craft files for Movecraft, put them in the plugins/movecraft/types directory: 

Download Movecraft from this link: 

Finally, if you need help setting up Movecraft, use this tutorial: 
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Nice job.
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