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Pixel art: AMX 30B

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Doolhofx avatar Doolhofx
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Hey all,

I am making a very big Pixel Art of an AMX 30B tank. The AMX 30B is my in-game favourite tank so when I saw the picture I thought why should I not make this a Pixel Art in Minecraft and I just started. I have now already built for about 8 hours and I am about half way finished so it will take a bit longer as expected. I did not realize that is was such a big project. But when I start something I will also finish it. (it's too big for an SP world, in a server you can get more render distance and I really need it)

I will work on this project until I finished it! If you want to follow the progress I make you can just check this form out I will post updates when I worked on it. I hope you enjoy this together with me.

Here is the real picture I can't get it in here as a photo but here is the link: https://worldoftanks.eu/dcont/fb/image/amx_30_b_1920x1080_noc.jpg

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Bas van den Boogaard
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Doolhofx 12/20/2018 12:18:38 pmDec 20th, 2018

Here is the video that I made. Sorry that it took such a long time to make this video but I wasn't able to speed up the video and had it 20 minutes long. Now it's only 5 min. long so it doesn't get too boring.
Thanks for the support and the diamonds. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions on other pixel arts!

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Mnq-OhWd0

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12/10/2018 4:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
yarnein avatar
Really really cool. Very impressive you managed to do this in just eight hours.
11/26/2018 5:25 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Pangamma avatar
Wow. That is straight up impressive. The colors are so vivid. Blending is so perfect. It is like a photo!
11/26/2018 12:00 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Doolhofx avatar
thx I will add the photo as well I see it's a black screen right now xd.

edit* I added a link for the real picture. When I try to get it in there as a picture it just turns to a black screen xd.
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